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Nothing passed my lips

hi every one,

I went to a family wedding yesterday, where there was a buffet table and free bar, every food and drink imaginable was there, every one was eating and drinking but i kept sipping on my bottle of water, i didnt even feel like eating at all, all i could think of was getting to my goal and keeping the weight off for good, am so proud of myself..:D:D, hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend so far..
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Well done you!!!


Love Mini xxx
thats fantastic vicky ! you are well and truly in 'the zone', you deserve all the success with our losses!
Awww thanks Mini..
@ Gemzy am soo proud of myself..:clap:
@ Jlm thanks a bunch..:giggle:


Can hug her knees :)
Well done love that's brilliant, still not sure I could deal with that much temptation yet xx
Well done, it's a very hard thing to do and something you should be very proud of. If you can get through something like that you can face anything, Well done.
Thanks guys.. loving all ur comments..:)


Back 2 finish my journey
well done what an accomplishment be proud of yourself x
Good for you! It's great to have that sort of control isn't it? I spent a lot of the summer doing this, there were parties and BBQs galore but I managed to resist at every one of them (apart from some prawns...)

What was the reaction of the other guests, just out of interest?


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You are right to be proud, that takes some willpower.
@ lunar jim...the guest kept asking why i wasnt eating.. i kept saying i was full it was actually true i had a bar b4 i went, it made me really full, they tried so hard to get me to drink, especially during the toast to the newly weds.. but i said as was off alchohol..it was difficult as they were very persistent and i didnt want to get into details with them.. i didnt want anyone discouraging me or telling me how unhealthy CD is..cos its not..i didnt to be the topic of a debate so i decided to keep mute..lol
Well done on persisting!! Even though people were trying to make you eat and drink!! (why do people do that, why don't they get that no is no???)

You've shown some marvelous will power and you are a good example!
Well done, i need some of you willpower!

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