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Nothing to do with anything.. but i'll ask anyway

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(makes a break from diet talk)

hi! begining my transformation, cos i feel better about myself i've started experimenting with makeup etc.. today i even got up at 6 to curl my hair for work.. weird! I was just wondering (even though this is the wrong place to post) i have my hair dyed chocolate brown (its basically my natural colour.. and i wanna dye it blonde on my own as im too poor for a salon.. any ideas how?
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aww no sorry but love the fact you are transforming yourself :D I am trying to think of the fat as being the nourishment that I stored to help me get out of being the caterpillar/chrysalis into being that butterfly I know I can be


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Oh Missy, I've heard that if you try to blonde your hair "DIY" style and it's already dyed, it can go all brittle and fall out !!! :eek:
How about a streaking kit instead? Less chance of disaster there!
Good luck anyway, and glad you're feeling good about yourself, remember, you're worth it !! xx
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if you try to bleach it, then it will most likely go red/orange, as brown and black dyes have red in them.

i did it a while a go, bleached it 7 times till it stopped being yellow.

you could try stripping it first... but rly id see a hairdress although i doubt they would do it for you....

my hair was so britle brushing it was a nightmare!!! it just snapped.

i got round it a few years back when i had black hair, by getting some dye which stripped then turned it pink... then i went from there after the pink wore out (it was only a small section of hair) ... if your brave enough...

stripping it would help... but it wont make your hair feel good!!!



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Scazman! I've just had my education fully completed!! What a fascinating website, I had no idea all those things were available.
I might buy a "sexy lady mask" for the days that I wake up looking like Myra Hindley!!
Scaz they have a shop round the corner from my house funnily enough you see men going in but they never come out.. though there are some rather weird looking women in the bus Q to town lol

seriously dont do anything to already messed with hair itll go some downright weird ass colour the hairdresser can do it but odds are itll feel like cack for a few days and need some serious TLC, i always dye my own hair bright white blonde but im a natural blonde anyway and am not going over any other colour why dont you see if you can get in at a college they can dye your hair for about 10-15 quid :)
Scaz, that made me feel ill !
Lynne x

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