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Hair help..

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Hi all, looking for a bit of advice really.

My hair is naturally a dirty-blonde colour, and about 2 years ago I dies it to a dark purple / red colour. (which is currently a faded reddy / brown colour). I am now sick of this colour, and am hoping to go back blonde, hopefully lighter than my natural colour.

Obviously, the best option would be to go to a salon. But I'm only 20, and you know what that means..SKINT!!

I wondered if anyone was any good with hair, and could suggest a way of getting from this red colour to blonde?

I've thought of using colour-before and then a blonde dye on top of that. Has anyone tried this?

Will try and attach pics of natural colour and now colour x
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S: 15st0lb C: 12st4.4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 2st9.6lb(17.9%)
The first pic is from about 4 year ago, and shows my natural colour.

The second is me (in the middle) with my dyed purple hair - always looks black in pictures, for some reason!



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I know the colleges are shut now, but for future why nit try going to one for your treatments/cuts its really cheap and you can ask for a third year student:D
I did this with at home colourant. Red is an absolute beeyatch to get rid of. You can buy a colour stripper/pre-lightener but bear in mind that this will make your roots super white blonde much quicker than the ends and the ends may well end up being a pale Gingery shade, which did happen in my case, however, it actually looked pretty cool anyway, with the two tone effect. As time has gone on, and I have redone the roots and had a couple of hair cuts, the balance of blonde to ginger has tipped so now it's predominantly blonde but that's taken a few months to get there.
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I can't offer any advice on how to get rid of the red in your hair only my sympathies.

I had my hair red for a few years, got fed up with the colour & decided to go brown, it took forever to get rid of the darn red in my hair:( I've now got lighter & sometimes you can still see the red:eek:

As MadameLaMinx said go to a college & see if they can sort it. Bear in mind anyone who is colouring your hair will be supervised, so it is unlikely anything will go wrong.
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I'm a hairdresser, please go to a salon and ask to be a free or cheap model. Or for about £10 You could book a visit to a hair academy lie in Manchester or where ever you live. Ring a top salon and ask for details. I advise this so you don't end up with green hair and all students need models to practise on. Yu won't come out disappointed. X


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A friend at work went from dyed bright red hair to her natural blonde by using 2 boxes of colour before (not sure if that's how its spelt). Worked a treat. Highly recommended. Her hair was lovely and soft as well. I expected it to be like straw! I have 2 boxes in my bathroom incase I ever want to go from black to blonde!

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I used colour b-4. Did three applications to get black dye out and went reddy brown, then started to go black again. In the end I went to the hair dressers and they got the rest out using a bleach-bath for cheaper than 3 lots of colour b-4 had cost! Talk about false economy.

I you lookon Boots online there are lots of reviews for color b-4 and they are very mixed.

Colour B4. Hair colour remover extra strength by Scott Cornwall hair expert. - Boots

It's worth checking out prices for bleach-bathing as you might be suprised, and if you've got lots of colour in your hair you might have to buy 3 packs of the colour b-4 which isn't cheap.

I'm lucky enough to have a Celly's salon near me, so the bleaching was £9 then the new colour was another £9.

Celly's Unisex Hair Salons

Good luck, whatever you decide! xx
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Thank you all for your advice!
I'm still very undecided, but will let you know the outcome!

Why oh why did I ever decide to get rid of my lovely blonde hair :cry:
I am a first class donut.

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