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Notice little changes - funny

I'm into LT 3 weeks and just had to share this.... i was just in the bath relaxing and when i went to release the water I noticed the whole lot went down.....:D NORMALLY my A*s acts as a dam between the water in the front of the bath and the back of the bath:( ..meaning the front goes down the plug hole and then i move my big a*s and the back half of the bath water goes down.

I love the little changes x they keep you going
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That dam ass! First thing I saw was my willy:p


weighs a lot less
i too was a human dam and when i stood up it used to cause a tidal wave all that has changed now and i can cross my legs without having to grab my leg and throwing it across the other ,its amazing how quick you lose the weight with lipotrim xx
It should be re-named 'The dam busted' diet....he he he:D:D:D


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Yep a was a dam too! I now have a few inches either side when lay down its fab! Well done skinny xx
yep mine was a few inches aswell:p x
You just cant help it fattothin can you? :D:D
More than a few inches Gaz;) xx
Skinny your right I cant, im sorry I will be good from right now!.Trace I meant a few inches ..................................from the floor:p x
Thanks Tracy, it is a great feeling . x can't wait for the next sign.

Gary (I gather thats your name) You being good !! :D:D I will beleive it when I see it!!
Arrr Louise 1st name terms now....... 2 rr's please ;) x
Nothing worthwhile to contribute but :rotflmao::rotflmao:
Sorry Garry :) There ya go.
Porgeous youve put your jeans on:eek: x;)
Thought it best before I got a reputation as the Minimins flasher! :eek:

Spoil sport, you could of infuenced my girls on here and I reckoned they would have done the same, dont say anything though:p
Secrets safe with me, won't breath a word :D

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