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Now im a believer!

So here I am on the diet roundabout again! I was 21 stone got down to just under 13 stone but now I'm back up to 18 stone! And after a few years of crazy dieting and going down and up between 16 and 14 stone my body just won't give in and let the fat move!

So whilst off in the summer ive being doing so much exercise everyday and burning a minimum of 2000 kcals and my weight hasn't moved abit!! I was eating low fat, not alot of calories as we're all forced fed the line 'to lose weight you burn more than you eat!' and too not eat fat etc etc, well after two months of exercising like a loon and eating carbs with no change I know it's all a load of tosh! It's so frustrating!!

but then someone suggested atkins and hey what did i have to lose right! Making that first breakfast of eggs (with yolks!) and bacon i thought i must be nuts as did everyone else! But two days on the Atkins with not as much exercise and I've lost 5 lbs! Already! So excited that finally something is working... And it's only day 3 but it's a start!

So now I'm totally an Atkins believer! I love this way of eating!
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Welcome to the wonderful world of low carbing Shaz. It is very scary at first cooking fatty things in more fat, but it works. Have a good read of the stickies at the top of the page, especially Jim's on starting Atkins. He lost half his body weight a good few years ago & has kept it off, so he knows what works. Enjoy your food & use this forum for support & answering anything you need to know. We are a very friendly lot :D
Good luck!


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Welcome Shazzy

It is a great WOE, but you need to make sure you get most of your carb allowance from green leafy veg, will help you lose faster, honest :) And lots of water!
Thank you so much for all your help everyone! It's really amazing to have other people who have/ or going through the same thing as everyone around me thinks I'm mental eating all this meat and food while they're on rice cakes and low fat stuff!

The proofs in the scales though :) !
Well done Shaz and welcome! Good luck with Atkins... It's fab! :)
I'm fast starting to realise just how amazing this WOE is! Eggs, eggs, eggs I love them and can eat them all day long :)
Congratulations on finally seeing the light!

As for the eggs - I love them too, and I've got 9 chickens who kindly supply me with a constant supply of free diet food!!!
9 hens! Wow - amazing! Fresh eggs every day must be wonderful! :)
I love Atkins, too. It was the very first 'diet' that gave me permission to eat without guilt. For that alone I will be forever grateful.
It doesn't even feel like a diet diet! I still can't believe the things we can eat on the plan and still lose weight... Its still alittle daunting eating the fatty foods thru the years of low fat brainwashing!
My pal has IBS and like another pal who has the same - quite severely, at times - she is addicted to chocolate. The severely affected one MUST have chocolate every single day. She eats healthily, othewise. She is naturally slender and even with the chocolate loses weight fast when she is very stressed - which also triggers the IBS.

When pal #1 diets she eats all carbs but basically starves on as few calories as she can manage. She knows that this is unhealthy and unwise longterm - but she finds it the only way to lose weight. Recently after her umpteenth five stone regain I tried once more to get her to low carb. She started by cutting out all bread, and seriously limiting sugars. She lost 6lb the first week and felt wonderful, no bloat, amazing... But I know that pretty soon the chocolate will call her and she won't be able to resist. Diabetic choc she says is just too expensive. To be honest if she were to overdo that (as we all have ha ha) she would be reluctant to do it a second time!
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