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Now much to eat

Are there any good resources to determine how much you should eat?

I was eating about 1200 calories a day, and barely losing anything (working out a ton). I upped it to about 2500 calories and I started losing more weight. I was told it was because my body was "starving". How much do I need to eat to optimize weight loss?

I'd probably put this under "calorie counting" but I dont know if calories are what I should be basing it on or what?!?!?
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Strutting her stuff
I'm not surpised you were not losing on 1200 calories at your height and activity level as that's way to low.

You need to work out your basal metabolic rate - the calories your body requires for normal daily life based on your height, weight, sex and activity level. And then, although I'm not calorie counting expert, I think he advise is to start by eating 500 calories a day less.

Calories Per Day Calculator - Basal Metabolic Rate
I find it hard to eat food. I was struggling with eating three meals a day just after christmas and hardly loosing any weight. Now I have upped my calories to 7-800 a day I find I am loosing a bit more. I know this still isnt ideal for the amount of exercise I am doing, but at the moment it is working and I am achieving what I want to achieve.
Ooh I like that BMR thing, very useful for when I go into maintenance...


Fighting the bulge
Thanks for the link this is very helpful!! Its close to what fitnesspal said i should be having, on SW i dont measure but i like to check a random food diary every now and again out of interest :)

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