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now or wait?


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:)Hi Guys,
I really want to start this diet and never done it before and reading all your sucess stories has really given me the encouragement i need to get started, however i am due to go to spain in 4 weeks and wondered if i should wait till i get back? going all inclusive aswell,aghh! what do u all think?
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I would start now!!! You could lose a stone before yr holiday and then as you have done so well put on only a couple over yr holiday. Obviously it depends on wether you can see a CD Councellor this week. Go for it!!!!!


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I'd say go for it, when I decided 'it was for me' I just wanted to get started and hated the waiting. Your CDC may also be able to show you things you can have on hol that wont damage as much - chicken/fish etc just not carbs - I guess it also depends what you're thinking of eating on holiday too. x
I would say go for it too....
there will always be occasions where CD will be hard, but some people even go on hols and SS all the way!!
It really depends on your motivations and priorities..
It has to be your decision as this diet can be hard unless you have your head in the right place!


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Teehee. I will go against the flow and say wait.

CD is quite a commitment and usually best done without a break.

Yes, you could lose a stone before the holiday, but you should come off it gradually before that if you intend to eat and drink.

You might find it difficult to get back into it after that. Just my opinion and all that.


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Go for it start now!! As someone else said you can lose a stone in a month.. at least you will feel good for your hols.
If you have not got a councellor go to cd website and go to find a councellor in your area.. and give them a call and get started.
Good luck x


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I would say wait. Cd is brilliant and really works but only if your 100% committed more emotionally than physically too i feel.

If you start now with it in the back of your head you will be going on hols in 4 weeks anyway i dont think you will be in the right frame of mind.

Only my opinion but i would wait until after your hols to start as they are close anyway.
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S: 20st2lb C: 18st11lb G: 10st4lb Loss: 1st5lb(6.74%)
wow, what a mixed bag, thank you i'm sure i will figure it out, i think i might just cut down until my holiday then get stuck in after, i am so focused on doing this diet and can't wait to get started but i don't want to have a really good 4weeks and then go on holiday and end up losing the drive that i have now,and i want this to be a good holiday not been away for a few years after having a stroke whilst 35wks pregnant last yr and i'm only 29 so this holiday has been a long time waiting and want it to be amazing,i am seeing my gp tomorrow to make sure he is ok with it, then it will be all systems go....after my holiday....i think?


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I think the cutting down before your holiday sounds like a good plan..and try and get used to drinking water, which should be easy when your on your hols. I think you really need to go and have a good holiday and enjoy yourself especially after what you have been through. that must have been so tough on you.
Go and have lots of fun!!


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That is a good plan

Trying cutting down food size portions and carbs but make sure your getting your 5 a day RDA of vits and mins and def up the water intake.

Have a great holiday you deserve it then come back refreshed and raring to go! lol
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'tis a tricky one, with regards to building up momentum, but as people say, it's down to how you think yourself. I've had a meal booked for a while for 23rd May, wife's 37th, and will have been on SS+ for 4 wks by then, but i'm not going to worry about that, or enjoy it any less, as that wouldn't be fair on her or me, as it's supposed to be a celebration, not me sat there worrying about carbs. Just means the day after, i'm straight back into it. Life does get in the way of even the best laid plans, but you have every right to go and have a wonderful time too!
Ultimately we have to do what is right, and if you need to see the doc anyway, it might be a week before you could get started anyway by the time you get the forms signed off.
There will be times throughout your journey where you will have to decide on SS through it, stopping then restarting or whatever... you will find what works for you as you go further along...
Good decision though,,, I am loving it!!

Have a great hols by the way!!!



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I actually saw my CDC at the start of August 08, bought all the sachets for first week and started on the 4th September 08, after a 10 day holiday in Spain.
My holiday was like the Last Supper and i threw caution to the wind and enjoyed myself.
A photo taken on that holiday was the final straw and ensured that i did CD with no cheats, for most of the time i was on the diet. Yeah, sure, my life was put on hold for a while, but well worth it.


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I'm with KD on this one. Start after your holiday. Once you break the diet it is REALLY hard to start up again for most people!

Have a great time! xx
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I think that you have a good plan there, go and enjoy your holiday then come back knowing that you are going to get straight onto it. It will give you something exciting to look forward to when you get back!



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i think you should wait untill you come back from your hols, you may find you commit to it more when you come back! cut down first and see as you go, enjoy your hols!

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