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Now THAT is will power!

I went out this morning with my daughter to buy a new quiche dish (loong story). And from where the car park is, to the shop, the ONLY thing in between the two is a fish and chip shop. I willed myself to go past it, right from before we even got to the car park, but as I passed I noticed a special for the day. It was buy an adults fish and chip supper, get a childs supper free. I actually went INTO the shop..... was about to order it..... Then just as the lady asked what I wanted.... I said "Never mind... I'm not supposed to be eating this" and WALKED OUT!!!:D

I'm sure she thought I was a nut case, but i don't care... I resisted!!

Now I feel really proud of myself for not doing it, and am going to SW fish and chips for dinner!
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Now to maintain.....
well done!! thats fantastic......makes you feel good too doesnt it when you resist something like that,you'll be feeling fab all day now and you'll enjoy your sw fish and chips x


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wow think i would have smelt the chips and vinegar and dived in head first.

well done you wouldnt have been worth it afterwards feeling full and bloated and naughty anyway
The scales will show your willpower yay you!! I actually took my own salad and fruit when my hubby went for a mc donalds drive through. His smelt so nice but i sat smugly knowing I'd made a great choice and i had syns left to treat myself to a yummy choccy bar later :)
Aww well done hun. I know how you feel though just walked back from tesco's after stocking up with healthy food for this week coming and my husband and daughter were munching on chocolate all the way i thought jesus talk about supporting me. However i felt really pleased with myself that i resisted and knowing i am in control is a wonderful feeling x
You wouldn't have liked it anyway! (Tell yourself that!) I had some fish and chips as a treat the other day, and was really disappointed - they tasted so greasy compared with what I am now used to.
It really WAS good, even DH enjoyed it. And now for tea tonight we are having BBQ chicken drumsticks, wedges and home made coleslaw with salad... And I'm still so psyched I didn't get the greasy cr*p earlier!!
well done!!
it feels amazing dont it!
i went into subway today with a friend and sat there whilst my friend had one, i got out my alpen bar lol!
Well done!!! It's amazing how much will power we have at times isn't it?! Very glad you resisted and had some nice, healthy, yummy food instead :D

Since starting SW I've really gone off chippy food. Sometimes when my Mum and Sister order in I will use some syns and have something, but I am ALWAYS disappointed with it. SW all the way eh?! ;)
That's brilliant ... and very funny :D

We used to get fish and chips quite often and it always made me feel sick. It's just so greasy and reading up on the calories afterwards ... eek!

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