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Nut Crunch - the work of the devil himself??

Have just got back from picking up my food for the week and got one nut crunch bar - heard they're quite nice so thought I'd give one a try. Oh my god they are vile! I've managed about 3 bites and have had to give up on it before I was sick. Will just have to make do with 3 and bit packs today - unless someone has a way of making them even remotely edible??
Lost another 4.4lbs tonight making my day 28 total to 22.1lb which although is the lowest in my group is not bad.
Have had a lot of comments made in the last few days about how much thinner I look and how I really need a new pair of jeans 'cos they're literally hanging off me!

MM x
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you've done really well!

My clothes are getting looser by the day, but avoiding the shops until I stop being in-between sizes. My size 16 jeans are really loose but am too scared to buy a size 14 in case it's a bit tight which would set me off on one!.

Ps: Nut Crunch - its definately an acquired taste. I used to like it but went off it this week, the texture feels/tasted different this week. The other bars are ok - but sometimes when I am eating them I get the overwhelming feeling that I am gonna be sick!



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Hi MM,

Well done on your 4lbs. off this week!!!

Great weight loss 22lbs. in four weeks is fabulous:clap:

As for the bars, I believe they are very like Lipotrim flapjacks and I could not eat them at first when I was on LT, but when I tried again a few weeks later they tasted okay.

Even came to like them:rolleyes:

Just to reassure you; I also hated the nut crunch at the beginning of Foundation but rediscovered them several weeks down the line. Now I really enjoy them! Your tastebuds will change.

Well done on your continued weight loss! Leave the bars for now and then see how you feel in a few weeks' time!

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxx
During my first week over 110 days ago i hated the nut crunch bar now i cant get enough wish i could have more than one a day!!!!!! It is the hightlight of my day when i can have my nut crunch. I think because i have not eaten anything but shakes for ages my tastebuds appreciate anything!
in my group we often crumble the nut crunch and mix with choc or vanilla (premixed with a tablespn or 2 of water then put in freezer, kind of like a chocolate brownie
MM very well done on your 4.4lbs. You are doing brilliantly.
I know what you mean about the nut crunch bars - like eating cardboard - I did the same 2/3 bites then binned it!


has started again!!
I had always found Nut Crunch to be the only bar I could stomach, until this week when I opened two mouldy ones!!! YEURGHH!!!!! (see my thread...)

Now I think I have def gone off them forever. Maybe I will try another type of bar again, perhaps made into biscuits.....

Any recipes folks??

Hiya, I can't stand the nut crunch, my friend who is doing LL as well loves them, he can't get enough! He calls them MDF though! I'm sticking wioth the bars, they're not too bad when you keep them in the fridge, at least they put up a bit of a fight when you bight into them!

Also, I'm on biscuits every night now, I chop my bar into 16 bits, then put 4 at a time on some parchment paper, and then microwave it for 40 seconds, the lemon ones are the best, they puff up like biscuits with melted white chocolate on the top, and the best bit is that you get 16 of them! That's my treat when I'm watching BB!!!:cool:
I hated them too. In fact I bit into one whilst out for the first time - and had to spit it out! Luckily we were on a walk and in a field so no-one saw my disgusting manners. I then rubbed my tongue against my t-shirt to try and get rid of the taste!

Someone in my group sprinkles them with tabasco and then toasts them and claims they're quite nice after that.

I can't even look at them now though - the LL assistant put 2 in my order the other day by mistake and I freaked!


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Seems to be a recurring theme, but yeah me too. I hated the nut crunch but after a few weeks thought I'd give them another try (anything to stem the boredom!) Much to my amazement I loved them now I'm on CD and I really miss them! Strange but true!
I'm a nut crunch addict - I really do enjoy them. I didn't like the first one that I just ate as it came (though now I like them like that too) - but I read in a blog that they taste better if they've been toasted for about 1 minute and sprinkled with a touch of salt..... and yes that was the start of my addiction. I could quite happily have them for 3 meals a day if you could.

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