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Nuts Diary - this time i'll do it!


Of course I can!
Right ive lost the other thread I started yesterday.

This one is my diary. This is probably my 5th attempt at getting back on after my first initial 4stone loss on LL. I did CD lost a stone here and there but never managed to stick to it 100%. This time I will until I go away at easter, I can drop a stone or two by then - CANT I???

Day 3 for me, had some nibbly bits but on the whole stayed strong - which isn't like me at all.

I've about 35 days until I go away for 3 days with kids and in-laws, im determined to have shifted some lbs by then and fit into some clothes ive purchased but not worn yet.

I have a committee meeting and AGP Annual General P Up tomorrow but I have nominated myself to drive, so hub is getting larruped whilst I sip soda water and stick to the Agenda! hahah. It will be a test for me, im a sucker for a Vody and Coke. hmmm I must learn to enjoy myself WITHOUT the alcohol and i'll be well away.

I've tried to give up alcohol before did really well but the fact my hubby didn't have the same enthusiasm made me relent - as I thought well why am I if he isn't! Stupid but true!

Have to make my shake in a bit - got an electric shock of my processor yesterday which was wierd - hope I don't get another!! :eek: :eek:

Hope you all have a good day, the sun is shining, spring and strappy tops will be here soon! - im determined to stick at it today day 3, im already in the pink so I know the lbs are going!

Take care

Height 5ft 7"
SW: 15.6 :sigh: but not for long :D
GW: 11.0 (Then I'll join WW/SW and get rid of the rest).
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Hiya Nuts - great to meetcha ! :D

CD is FAB....u'll be at goal in no time....;)

look forward to sharing your success....




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S: 29st0lb
morning nuts isnt it funny the amount of old faces you see on here when u return !!!! god i can remember this 1st time round so clearly . good luck on day 3 and being in the pink
same for me tooo we can do this xxxxxxxx


Of course I can!
Thanks Kitty - right back atcha. YES WE CAN! (Why can I hear Bob the Builder in my head?)

Thanks Debz, too true! I will blinking get there! :O)

Have a great day all.


Of course I can!
How do I edit the title to make this a diary in progress?


I can't blinking remember?


Night of day 3 and im doing better than I did earlier, picking chicken from the Casserole I made. :rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes: :break_diet:

I've just had my hot chocolate mint and then I shall be nearer Day 4 whoo hoo.

Soon I hope to be saying i've lost shedloads - heres hoping.



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S: 29st0lb
go to the forum you set it up on and right click over the title

will bring up a box around the tiltle you can then type over it
hopefully you can understand not that good trying to explain when cant see you face to face ! i had probs too
Hi Nuts,
Hows it going this morning?
I'm feeling pretty rough, sore head, birdcage mouth etc... it would be so easy to slip when you're feeling like this thats why I'm here and not it the kitchen.
You done well last night to keep going and resisting the temptation after tasting your casserole to just start again in the morning. Before starting CD my diets started in the morning and ended at lunchtime, with old "oh well I'll just start again in the morning".
Hows the water drinking going? You mentioned 6ltrs previously for today.........I 4ltrs in my limit, the feeling of relief when I drink that last bottle is amazing, but maybe as time goes on the water drinking will get easier, hope so.
Stay strong,


Staff member
S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Nuts,

The thing is to keep going forward and not look back and not to allow one slip turn into a land slide :rolleyes:

Picking chicken was a better option than something with carbs, but the thing with nibbling is that it leads on from there when trying to SS.

To edit your title...

To edit your thread title, look at it from the thread listings page. (so if your thread is in "newcomers" click into newcomers, then double click to the right of the thread title and it will become editable).

Then double click to the right of the title, a box will appear and it should be now possible to edit your title.

Love Mini xxx


Of course I can!
Thanks Mini!

Thanks Mini - I'll try that in a sec.

Definitely agree with you there on the picking - was a moment of weakness and for me I did well not to make it a landslide, as you said.

On other attempts i've just said "oh sod it i'll start tomorrow" and then eat all night. Get to the morning wake up ravenous and have to eat something as feeling ill with hunger.

I had a headache immediately after eating it yesterday and i didn't eat anything until about 8pm - then had a choc mint hot choc and then went to bed.

Woke up not hungry at all today and have stuck to it thus far, have to go shopping in a little while (booo) will be internet shopping next week.

Have the meeting tonight so Soda water for me but I did get on the scales and they've moved downwards already so thats given me a kick not to pick!

Thanks for the advice and help with the title



Of course I can!
Hi Sugarpuff.

Not too bad - thanks for asking. You must be in Ketosis now Sugarpuff, birdcage mouth is a tell tale sign hahaha.

6ltrs - I wish -many people drink this amount and it helps with the losses, i'll be lucky if I manage to drink 3 - but I must start sorting it out.

I'll probably do 3/4 today as im going out tonight and will drink with a straw - somehow this helps me to drink it and more of it!. (Must put straws on my shopping list!).

Im proud im still in the Pink and still here on the diet - normally ive given in. Things seem to be going well thus far, for you too so it looks like "we are doing it this time".

We will be slinky for Summer!

Keep ya chin up and ya will strong Sugar, we are worth it!



Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Glad to see the scales are moving downwards for you. Stick with it and then you'll soon see the weight drop off.

Good luck - and there are plenty of us restarters so feel at home!


Of course I can!
:break_diet: Thanks Flirty, we could start the fallen angels club hahaha.

I managed to lose 4 odd stone last year on LL, then put it on, took a bit off here and there but eventually back on again.

So this time as I am going away for 3 days at Easter and I have no nice casual clothes to wear, I AM going to do it and I will be into clothes I have in the wardrobe from last time!.

It will help me in so many ways, my work, my kids, my self esteem. Im going to do it for me.

I've ambitions which I sit on because I can't face people and what they might think - thats got to change.

I've got to change for the long term this time and make sure the kids don't see me on and off diets and a negative image.

POWER TO THE GIRLIES! :grouphugg::clap::bliss:

So thats me, you, Sugar, Kitty - all on our way down eh!
Hi Nuts

Hows it going??
Have managed to keep it together, done lots of work outside today, usually leave all this to hubby so he thinks its great.
Heading to the cinema tomorrow so slightly worried about that but have huge bottle of water bought to bring with me.

Where you heading at Easter??

I so know what you mean about self esteem, at the moment mine is rock bottom, I dread the better weather coming when I will have to take my coat of and every one will see what size I am..........but I am going to overcome this, I am going to be much happier.

I worry so much about my son, and him picking up on my bad realationship with food. He's just turned 6, when he went back to school in Sept he was taking a funsize milky way for his break, all of a sudden he didn't want to go school and we figured he was being bullied, turned out one of his so called chums was keeping him going about his break and the fact that there so no vitamins & minerals in it. I didn't even know what vitamins & minerals were when I was six! Went through a phase of wanting to know what v & m were in everything he was eating, thankfully he has moved on now.

Well, thats enough waffle, off to bed.



Of course I can!

Hi Sugar

You are doing a grand job and don't you worry about the summer because you'll have lost alot of weight before that comes along. If the average is around 1 stone per month, thats at least 3 by May - so you keep your chin up and your eye on the prize - (this is what I am having to say to myself daily at the moment!).

I always wear baggy things and wore a tighter, but still an XL T-shirt the other day and someone said "you're looking slim" - really? I tend to wear baggy everything and on this day I wore Yoga Pants and a tighter t-shirt so i must have been making myself look bigger? Made me smile anyway hahah even if it was an illusion :D

The cinema will be no problem as you'll be too engrossed in the film and supping your water - (not too much or you'll miss some of the film as you'll be in the loo hahahah).

Milky Way: Bless him - its a big thing in schools now. My two have had healthy weeks at school and a diary of what they eat at home for a week. Food tasting and actually making Veg soup and Fruit smoothies in the class. Im a bit of a nut when it comes to what everyone else eats, but not myself! weird I know. I send Carrot Sticks in for break as they are the sweeter Carb and the kids love em. Our school is also supplying fruit for all the kids now too, although I do stick extra in my sons lunch box and they have CousCous instead of Sarnies the majority of the week. They also have Soya and Linseed Bread for their sarnies/Toast and brekkie is Porridge or Weetabix (I sound a right health freak!).

Thing is my son will eat fruit until it comes out of his ears so I have to restrict the amount they eat due to "fruit sugars".

As long as they have a healthy balanced diet, the odd treat isn't going to harm them - that other kid must have a mother that drums the whole food bible down his neck and you'll probably find that the reason he was having a dig at your son is because he's never allowed to each these things - he was jealous! Probably drooling hahahah.

I worry about being too strict with my two and then them becoming teenagers, getting a bit of dosh and blowing it all on crap because I never let them - its a fine line.

So i've relented on the sweets front and let them have them a bit more often now, I won't relent on Coke/fizzy. My son has Lemonade as a treat if we go to the pub - my daughter isnt interested (yet).

My two are the same in the Kitchen though Sugarpuff, whats in that, why are you doing that. Thats not very good for me is it mummy - but its ok for sometimes - so as long as they know that - we've educated them.

I've just shown my daughter the picture of Tyra Banks in the NOW and said look, this is what magazines do to these celebs, make them look better. Shes not daft at 9, she goes so what the magazine just makes them look better so they can make money" Yup you got it kiddo. I said this size zero thing is just not normal kid, she said yeah if you eat healthy and exercise you will be ok. (Then she said so you don't need to eat those pack things then mum - to which I said oh I do for a little while mate, just to get a bit off then i'll be joining in with you lot".

My weight is normally a comfort alcohol/crisps/chocolate thing on a Friday/Sat/Sun night followed by going shopping and buying goodies that we really don't need. Im a grazer too which doesn't help. If I ate what I give my kids I'd be ok hahah - how daft is that hahaha.

Its a hard one to explain without giving them a presence about what they are eating. I explain it that if they look after themselves they will not have to do the things I need to - and its not the way!

We will see! Its a tough old job being a parent. I've got mine involved in Martial Arts, footie, dancing etc all to get them out and active. They only go to what they like but its good for them to keep active - then its the norm when they get older.

Im hoping it will stop mine wanting to hang about on the streets but go and meet their mates at their respective clubs - thing is when they get to teens im sure they'll throw it all back and say nah - im meeting charlotte at the shop!

:sigh: Pressure pressure! I'll just have to hope they have a sensible head because if they get upto what I did - :eek:




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Hi Nuts

Glad to see you are on your way down!!!!!

I'm still battling on but spending much of my time mucking about with SS......2 packs supplemented with choc, cheese and slices of bread and butter......funny how I'm not losing eh?

It worries me what kind of an an example I'm setting for my kids so I'm really detirmimed to get the job finished this time and stabilise properly and start eating normal food with the family again.

Looking forward to hearing your progress, are you in the pink zone yet?
Hi Nuts

Hows it going for you today?? Have you had a weight in yet?? I have lost 6lbs this week.
The cinema was a diaster, walked out with out my little bag of sweets and when the movie started the Nachos attacked me and I was to weak to resist. Unfortunately, instead of keeping going I came home and had bead and butter :break_diet: . Felt so angry and cross with myself, but this morning is going ok, just have to put it behind and move on.

I to am a comfort eater, crisps, chocolate, pizza and would buy stuff for me to eat but not dream of giving it to son.
My mum is overweight, has been for most of her life and for as long as I can remember has been on one diet after another, even as a young child I can remember Monday's being the start and Wednesdays being the finish, then when we we were old enough, probally 8/9 we were weighed ever Sunday....I hated it, and don't want my son remembering me being like that. One over weight lady that I know who has two daughters of 6 & 9 will not allow them a treat in there lunch box as she does not want them to be "fat", yes, she tells you this........little does she know that they go to school and the other kids share all they have with them so they end up eating more than if she and allowed on small one, what attidude are they going to have towards food in a few years.

Off to get some work done, stay strong.



Of course I can!
Hello Cheb!!! How ya doin!

I is defo in the pink in fact too pink - must glug more water, but finding it a struggle.

Chicken and cheese are passing my lips wayyyyy to often so im going to just trudge along rather than give up and eat anything I like.

I wish I had the same mentality as when I did it the first time - I just stayed on it! daft eh, whats happened since to change my mindset - perhaps my brain/body remembers hahaha.

Still im on it and its taken me a year to get back on it so im going to stay for now :O).

Im off to a holiday park for a few days with kids and grandparents this Easter so I want to feel comfortable and not feeling like crap because i don't have nothing nice to wear or I feel fat walking into the room.

So im hoping to lose a couple of stone and then lose the rest when I come back - its only 3 days so I won't go mad. (She says).

We should do it this time - we both have places to be in about a month or 5 weeks so we will have to! :O)

You don't have much more to lose Cheb so keep at it you can finish it!!



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HI nuts.

Well done on starting again. I am on day 4 of my restart and am managing ok.
I know what you mean about the chicken - i somehow have got it into my head now that if i'm struggling chicken is fine to eat!! I suppose it's not really bad but it's just where eating a bit of chicken leads....

Anyway. I am going on holiday at the end of June and am really looking forward to it. I would like to be at goal by then so am focussing on that whenever i feel tempted!!

Good luck for today and keep glugging your water!!!


Of course I can!
Thanks Helen. We can do it and will do it. We have places to be right! :O)

Sugs how you doing?

Yes had a minor slip again last night was still in Ketosis this morning, phew I have been good thus far today so, again im not gonna beat myself up otherwise I will dive for the fridge.

Gas men are working on mains today so have no cooker/heating. I was FREEZING last night, really cold and couldn't get warm in bed. I nearly snuck the dog in - except hes a bit big and OH would kill me hahaha.

Right have had my Chicken and mushroom soup, but defo need to drink more water - MUST remember straws!


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