O.M.G how nice are the bars!

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  1. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Having had a severely restricted choice of food for 5 months (been on LL and only liked 3 of their packs) I have today had half of each of the exante bars. You should have seen me - eyes closed in heaven lol!
    Also tried the tomato soup and it has a really nice flavour - texture a odd but I will use more water next time.

    Looking really positive that I am going to get on just fine with Exante. yay!

    Good luck all you Exante girls and boys.
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  3. Poppysparkle

    Poppysparkle Silver Member

    Yay!! Well done you - glad you love them. Brave of you to open two bars too...I might have polished them both off!!
  4. feelinglarge

    feelinglarge Full Member

    im starting exante soon waiting for the pack to arrive. ive done lipotrim after having my first baby. then i tried kee diet which worked but its expensive compared to the exante bumper pack thats on at the moment. im looking forward to it but still trying to read as much as i can beofre i start it. are tyou allowed sweetners on this diet?
  5. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Hi FL
    I use sweetex sacharin tablets - sacharin tablets are the only sweetener allowed on LL so I am sticking to that on Exante too. I know on LL you were not able to use powdered sweeteners - may be the same on Exante, not sure.
  6. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    Glad you enjoyed them Peony ;) xx
  7. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Cheers Kat
    I have had less joy with the chocolate milkshake aaargh. I will still be going to get the LL packs till christmas as by then I will have enough saved to do full LL RTM when the time comes. Doing it all in a bit of a mish mash lol - but hopefully with the same end goal.- Target!

    I really think the LL RTM is spot on and didn't want to try it with exante packs as the calories are weighted differently. Speaking of which, today is my first day fully on exante packs. I am already missing pack number 4! boo hoo - got used to my last pack after little'un in bed. Will have to cut a bar up or something. Will also mourn the passing of the porridge pack in the morning. Not forever tho eh?


  8. feelinglarge

    feelinglarge Full Member

    hi peony
    thanks for the reply. i did lipotrim and they were allowed in that diet too. my kee diet shakes are ending today so im praying the exante ones come tommorrow. i thought i would get them on staurday i only ordered than friday. im looking forward to getting them. do youi know how many claries are in each product. ive ordered the 4 week bumper pack
  9. feelinglarge

    feelinglarge Full Member

    my spelling and typing is so bad!
  10. Quak

    Quak Gold Member

    Hi feelinglarge
    They only deliver monday to friday so you should get them tomorrow. Each pack is about 200 calories.
    Good luck for your start with Exante.
    Bren xx
  11. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    Peony - do you have the details of how to do RTM? RTM is the main reason I'm sticking with LL but I am tempted by the cheaper options so if I knew how to do RTM on my own that would give me other options.

    Exante appeals to me but I could not cope with only three packs a day. I know you can use four packs at 800 kcals and some people seem to split packs but I worry that would just be too much of a pain at work.
  12. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Hiya Spannerwanner
    I don't have the LL RTM book but on the LL RTM forum here on minimins there is all the detail you need to follow the LL RTM in the Stickys - also through reading the threads such as Jezebella's. THat is what I plan to do when I do my RTM

    I also figured out how to match the LL calories on using exante packs on RTM -

    weeks 1 and 2 = 3 LL packs/day or 1 exante shake and 1 exante bar

    weeks 3,4,5,6,7,8 = 3 lighter life packs/day or 1 exante shake and half a bar

    weeks 9,10,11,12 = 1 lighter life pack/day or half an exante bar.

    I have found it really easy to split soup and shakes (have started doing it the last day or so) so that I have a shake for breakfast, half a soup at lunch and half at tea and a bar in the evening. It carries me through the day better than eating 3 times. The bars are much bigger than the LL ones too and easy to halve - that may be a solution for you if you are put off by halving the packs of powder.

    For me it was a no brainer in the end as after 22 weeks of LL sessions I had learned as much as I was going to about why and how I got where I did and how to avoid landing back up there - I just felt like I was paying a premium for counselling that was not really much use anymore (don't get me wrong, I found it extremely useful during foundation). I have saved over a thousand pounds switching to exante and don't mind the slight extra work of halving packs occasionally - it is a lot less work than making a sandwich lol!

  13. peony

    peony Silver Member

    PS you would not need to halve the packs at work - the night before use a decent digital scale, plonk a sandwich bag on it, empty a pack into it and then spoon out half into another bag. Voila, 2 meals, ready to take to work just remember to halve the amount of liquid too. I have found with the soups that the powder weighs 50g so I just wallop 25g out and mix it with 125 ml of water. Haven't tried with a shake.

  14. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    Thanks for the comments Peony. I will stick with LL for December as I have paid for four weeks but after that I may consider a switch. My only worry is delivery as I am never home to receive couriers but I think there is a counsellor (or whatever Exante call them) somewhere near me so I could probably buy packs in person. Can you carry on with Exante right up to goal weight or do they make you start rankning the calories up towards the end like CD?
  15. Tummy Tamer

    Tummy Tamer Full Member

    Hi Peony,

    Your stats are impressive. I have just done 14 weeks on LL and lost four stone. I still have three stone to cull. Have switched today to Exante due to cost of LL and fab bumper offer on Exante , hope it lasts ! I am also missing fourth pack although I think these packs are more satisfying , will also miss porridge very much . Am thinking about buying just porridge pack from another supplier ? Have you tried any of them ?
  16. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Hi TT
    I haven't tried any of the other diets - I thought I would miss porridge but I am always in such a rush I just have a shake and down it so have found I prefer to do it that way - will have to get back into the habit of eating a proper breakfast when I finish - never used to and they do say thin people always eat breakfast.

    Good luck with Exante, I have continued splitting my soup between lunch and tea and have got on much better that way.

  17. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Hi P - gald to see you getting on well!

    How do you find the packs rate compared to LL? Falavour and texture, etc?

    Certainly a more affordable option, so I am gld it is going good!

    Well done you!! :)

  18. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Hello Gorgeous BL
    I am loving your hair in your latest photo, it's a fab cut. I am getting on really well with the exante packs thanks, I did find cutting down to 3 from 4 packs a day hard but the packs are bigger so now I have a shake for breakfast, half a soup at lunch, the other half at tea and a bar in the evening and it works really well. There are more flavours that I like than I did on LL, although my last LL week they introduced the chilli which is to die for - I always wanted more after though so maybe a good thing that I am not doing LL anymore lol! I have found the soup a bit too creamy on exante but adding a splash more water fixes that - it was probably because I used to make the LL soups really strong with only 150ml water. All in all, holding my nose for the few flavours I don't love and knocking them back is fine given the difference in cost - and the over-reaching fact that I feel so much happier and secure knowing that all the packs I need to get to target are safely stored in my kitchen and I don't have to get them doled out to me week by week.

    Hope you are doing well lovely lady, any chance of a visit to the states for you over the holidays?

  19. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Oh I am so glad to hear its going so well for you! Thats great. As you say, a couple of sips with your nose plugged is worth it when the pennies are tight.

    Sadly no time for me back home this year. This is the 9th Christmas I have spent away from my family. :( But thats just the way it goes. I would love to think I will be home for xmas next year. For good. But, we will see.

    I have a lovely time with my inlaws, so I cant completely complain. Just miss some of my traditions. Ya know?

    I just noticed your ticker. You are breathes away from 100 pounds lost! That is a really wonderful feeling when that occurs. Its a wonderful acheivement.

    Well, I am glad iI saw you over here. :) Glad to know you are still rockin it. You were an inspiration on teh LL forum, so I am sure you are one here too.

    Take care!!

  20. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Thanks honey, cracked the 100 this week. woooo hooooo. Sorry you aren't able to go to the states over the holidays but am really pleased your OH has lovely parents who make you feel at home.
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