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O/T Back from seeing Metallica!


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Hi folks. I've seen Metallica!!! wooohoo! They were absolutely fantastic!!

Really difficult to stick to plan as we were away from Friday till late Sunday night and we had to eat more or less what was provided by family. I had to wing it with the plan to be honest and 'sort of' did EE. I kept it as low syn as possible to compensate and I think I did ok, it was just so hard when I had no control over food. WI tomorrow morning will tell.

Hopefully I sweated a few pounds off at the gig. We were squished in like sardines and if anyone moved, we had to move with them it was so tightly packed. I've never been covered in so much sweat belonging to other people..ewwwwwww. But it was worth it because we ended up almost on the barrier right at the front, practically under Metallica's noses :)

A couple of shots from the gig for those who like Metallica.. a bit blurred but we were in amongst a bouncing, moshing crowd.

Yes we were 'THAT' close.. this was with a little point and shoot camera. James (king of rock) Hetfield.

Not sure if I'm looking forward to WI tomorrow morning or not... a bit nervous I think! eek
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i got really close to kelly jones once but not that close! i hope u told him u loved him, i tell kelly every time i see him much to the disgust of my OH


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i got really close to kelly jones once but not that close! i hope u told him u loved him, i tell kelly every time i see him much to the disgust of my OH
LOL. No I didn't tell him I loved him, but I did keep saying to Mark.. look... look.. it's James.. he's right there.. right in front of me.. look.. can you see him? as if he had no idea he was there LOL. hubby just kept rolling his eyes at me..

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Sounds as if you had a fantastic time Huni and dont worry about the scales, you certainly had something to celebrate!


soon to be skinny minnie
So glad you enjoyed it hun, i can't believe how close you were, more to the point your photograpy is fantastic!!!


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Thanks ladies.

Sadly I couldn't take my 'good' camera in with me because it's a DSLR and it's classed as a professional camera and I didn't want it confiscating LOL, so I only had my little point and shoot camera with me, so I was chuffed with the shots I actually got.

WI wise.. I stayed the same this week.. grrrrrr. Oh well. It was really difficult though because for Friday to late Sunday I had no control over what food was provided and the coffee's always had semi skimmed milk in which I never have, I usually have fully skimmed. I did resort to black coffee in the end LOL.

But onwards and downwards, I'd like a 2 or 3lb loss this week to make up for it.. and I'm only half a pound away from my 3 and a half stone award. The annoying thing was the scales kept flipping from half a pound loss to STS.. it settled on STS.


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LOL @ best of three. I was allowed to get on again (shhh) for a deciding count, but it hovered and hovered and then settled on STS. So that was twice and we went for that. On the upside, that almost half a pound will count next week LOL


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On the upside, that almost half a pound will count next week LOL
Loving the fact that it's not just me that thinks along those lines!

And, you said yourself you found it really hard to follow the plan when you were away, so I think you did really well not to put any on :)


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A friend has just emailed me and said that they have the audio of the Metallica gig we went to and did I want it? He doesn't like Metallica (what??) I'll take it!! thank you very much LOL.

If anyone wants to see the rest of the photo's we got, they're on my flickr gallery. Some are really blurry, but we were in the middle of a very bouncy moshing crowd LOL
Oh I love Metallica, saw them in 1994 at Milton Keynes Bowl and they were fantastic!! Lovely pic of James "love god " Hetfield - - yes ladies I do fancy him!! :p


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It was this summer i saw the sexy beast himself- PHOARRRRRRRRRRR hetfield is soooooo sexy! lol I love metallica! Dont even need to ask if the gig was good coz i just know they would have been. They kicked ass at Leeds this year! xx

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