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O/T - Cheer me up please folks

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Well, after my great loss at WI yesterday and still being on a high i have been put at risk in my job this afternoon.

Ive been there just over 6 years now and we are having an operational restructure which has resulted in mine and some other roles being made redundant :(

I have my consultation tomorrow but i feel really crappy and dont know what to do with myself.

Is anyone else in this situation at the moment or does anyone have any advice on what to do?

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It must be very worrying, I'm sending you positive thoughts xx
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A lot of people in the job I work are job at risk and going through redundancy and I sympathise with you 100%. Quite a few have said though that in a way it has given them a push to either go try something new or have a change of career, so you could try that. I hope you get sorted soon


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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My heart goes out to you! It happened to my son in July, his department at IBM was outsourced to India! He'd seen it coming so he'd applied to do a teaching course at Uni. I know that saying that all things happen for a reason will be no comfort to you, so I'll just wish you good luck and I'll ask my Angels to support you.
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Really sorry to hear that hon, but it'll be OK. Many people in the same boat at the moment. If the worst happens, don't panic - the practical stuff will get sorted, and you'll have a bit of breathing space to think about what to do in the long term. As others have said, sometimes these things are an opportunity to focus on the bigger picture of your life.

Good luck for tomorrow. :)
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Hope everything goes well............please keep us updated hunny!!!
Thinking of you
Luv Sharon xxxx
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I hope it works out for you especially if you love your job, however as other have said if worst case happens see it as new doors opening rather then old ones closing.

Cobweb xx
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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Im just a little hacked off because i have missed the cut off date for a course i could have enrolled in at College so will have to wait now until next year, i've been working out a rough redundancy pay package and i would have been able to 'pay' myself a monthly salary and still study if this has been a few weeks earlier.

Ahh well, i suppose i'll have to wait until tomorrow to consider my options further.
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I went threw this in march and yes its a terrible thing but your HR or what every they call is there to help out with pointing oyu inthe right direction,
you can have time off paid for all sorts of things and if you in large place they even meant to help you find jobs.
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I agree with Judi - these things happen for a reason and it means that there is something even more amazing just waiting for you.

It's not easy - I know - I was made redundant a few years ago but it gave me the kick in the ass to get my exams and move forward rather than staying in my comfort zone!

Good Luck & try not to worry - just think of it as a new oppertunity!!

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I haven't been through it myself, so no practical advice sorry! But I hope tomorrow goes well! I am all for the power of positive thinking. Something will turn up. Might be totally different to what you expect, but these things usually have a way of sorting out.
Let us know how you get on.

And hey, you could always become a consultant!!! ;)

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Having been made redundant twice I can tell you that there is life - and a better life - after redundancy even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment.

In the interim, get in touch with your chosen college course administrator and see if it really is too late to join. I work at a college and our 1st years only started a couple of weeks ago so it's about time for people to drop out or not accept their places so all may not be lost. If you don't ask and all that ;)

Good luck tomorrow - hope it goes the way you want it to - and if it doesn't then fingers crossed something turns up soon.

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Hey everyone, just a quick update on where im at with my redundancy situation.

I had my 121 with the HR and Operations director yesterday and have been offered just under £7k redundancy pay which is 6 weeks salary tax free and also 8 weeks notice (subject to tax and NI).

I got paid today and will get paid next month as i am in my consultation period, however, they have offered me another role in the business which i am entitled to apply for and trial for 4 weeks. If i dont like the role my redundancy terms are still on the table so i may bve able to drag this out and get paid right up until my holiday on 30th November and then get my payout.

Its really made me think and i totally agree with what alot of you have said - this has now opened up an opportunity for me to attend a 6 weeks residential personal training course in Spain in which i will be fully qualified by March next year.

So, i have options which is good and i dont need to make any decisions just yet whilst i am still in consultation.

Its going to be a massive change for me but the rewards it will bring in the future outweigh the negatives.

Thank you all for your advice, kind words and support - its greatly appreciated :cool:
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I'm glad it's looking more positive for you. It sounds like you're in a very positive mindset, and whatever happens will be for the best xx
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OHHHHH WOW lucky you that is great news life is always brighter when you have a few options your right to take your time and just make sure whatever you decide is your choice and good luck with your decisions....ohhhhhhhh and very jealous of ya holiday coming up (room in a suitcase for another) hehehheheheh
take care
luv sharon xxxx

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