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Hi guys, can anyone give me any tips about facebook. I've just joined and it is all totally new to me. Does anyone want to be my friend :eek:.

I feel like a right sado but i'm new to all this social networking stuff and any info would be greatly appreciated x
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I'll pm you my name Hun and description of picture...dont want to put it up on here!...there are others from here that are there too.


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Hiya, I only joined last year, just search people you know & add them as friends then when they accept you look at their friends to see if you know any of them. It can be a little addictive!! But its a great way to keep in touch, I have family in America & its nice seeing photos etc online. Ill also pm you my details.
my advice would be:

Think carefully about the info you give out about yourself and restrict what people can read until they are your friends. I've heard that potential employers are searching Facebook to see what they can find out about job candidates, for instance.

Decide on some critera about who to add... I very rarely add anyone I haven't met in real-life for instance. I use Facebook in a totally different way to how I use other sites, mostly because I use my REAL NAME on there.

Don't use Facebook to wash your dirty linen in public. If you fall out with someone just delete them from your list... Slagging them off on Facebook is so tacky.

Never feel pressured by a Friend Request, you're not obliged to add someone if you don't want to and if you do it will spoil your fun. Just hit "Ignore" and forget it.

If you have a job, don't discuss it. My boyfriend was sacked from his first job, partly because of things he wrote in an online journal. He hadn't used his real name, OR his employers' name, but he HAD put up pictures of himself... And at a tribunal they said his employers could be identified via people seeing him at work. He lost his case.

Oh dear, I sound all doom and gloom but Facebook CAN be fun... Just be careful out there! :D
Hiya! :)

You can add me - rebecca thorne - my pics is of me with red curly hair :) xx
oooh i've not heard of that one? i play island paradise, farmville, barn buddy and animal ranch... i need help! someone saaaaaave me :rotflmao:

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I'm new to facebook too - any tips would be useful for me too - if anyone would like to add me as a friend, please feel free to pm me with your details or whatever - good luck'n'stuff to you bettylollypop x
You are quite welcome to look for me if you like my name is rachel hall and theres a pic with my two little girls and a falcon in the back ground i like my zoo on face book lol and farm town
I agree...which is why I pm people and only give certain priviledges to people.
My Boss is on Facebook and I never put anything up to be vindictive...I can do that in person! Lol
omg.. i've just found FARKLE... hellppppp :rotflmao:


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Anything to avoid Uni work, or NVQ work, or housework =) send me a pm if you want to add me.

I have my search profile pretty limited, so only my friends can see stuff, even then I have limited to what certain friends can see. So the friends I add for games, can only see the same as my search profile.
I'm a total facebook junkie. It's probably the most used app on my iphone.

Echo the views expressed earlier about privacy. You can set your privacy settings so that only friends can see your information.

I also have the privilage (or not!!!) of having a facebook group set up about me. After driving to football in a purple cabriolet with a set of hair straighteners in the boot a group called 'is Ricky Clarke the campest straight man on earth' soon appeared, cheers guys!!!

Facebook is an ace way of catching up with old friends, I travel away a lot with football and its a great way of arranging travel plans with the group of friends I go with.


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Hey, Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and family no matter where you are. During lectures (lol), on holiday (cheaper than international texts, calls) but it has so many applications on it to keep you busy forever.
You'll get used to it when you play around with it for a little while.
Add me Ebele Owoh.(A.K.A scouzer) X


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Does anyone know how you get one of those facebook logo link thingys under you name? Have seen a couple of people on hear that have them??

Sorry if that doesnt make sense!! LOL!

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