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o/t Feeling Helpless...


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My sister lives in Ireland with her hubby and 3kids. Yesterday her youngest, 9months, was with her mummy at a friends house, and she managed to get through the baby gate/pull it down (not sure of whole story yet) ...it was at the top of 2flights of stairs... so she fell down both sets onto a tiled floor. Went completely white and floppy. Is now in hospital, has been since yesterday evening. I only just found out and I feel really on edge as there's nothing we can do over here. They live in Ireland on there own, family all over here. Ugh it must have been awful!!! Luckily my sisters a nurse so knew not to move her. They havn't found anything wrong so far, but my sister now has to see a social worker!! :eek: Can't believe it.

Don't think I can handle any more shocks this week.

My lo (13months) has been sick, and waking every 30mins all night. He has a virus and temp, cough etc. But on the first day he fell, only softly, but enough to really annoy him as he was ill. He screamed his head off but couldn't catch his breath back in, after going a bit blue he finally took. A breath... but then, he went white, his eyes rolled and he appeared to pass out for a few second!! Then he woke and got bck to screaming... I've never been so scared in my life!!

So... who can top my week for crazyness??? :| xxx
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Big hug to you, you are haveing an awfull time aren't you. I do hope everything will be all right, I am sure they will be in touch as soon as they know anything. It's the waiting and not knowing that puts you on tender hooks. I hope your little one feels better too real soon. Thinking of you. xx


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Oh gosh, thinking of you xxx


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Love to you and your little one, I hope he will soon be feeling better, what a scare for you.

And well done to staying on plan too.

Finger's crossed that your sister's child will be alright, hopefully he/she was just 'winded' and shocked by the fall.

I'm sorry that SS are called in though, but they have to do their job too I suppose.

Love and best wishes to you all. X


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Oh my word! Babies are a nightmare aren't they? Can't leave them alone for a minute and you never stop worrying about them! (wouldn't be without them tho!) My baby is 33 and I was really uptight when he knew he was being made redundant, he's enrolled to do a teaching course to be a physics teacher (like older brother) but you still worry!.
Babies are tough cookies! Apparently my mother went to sleep twice when she was feeding me and I fell out of bed, and beds were higher then, on my head each time! Probably explains alot!
Try not to worry, (I know that won't help) in 20 years you will be telling your baby all about it and laughing.

Oh and respect for sticking to the plan!

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Oh Huni!
I hope your Lo and your Sister's Lo are getting better, you poor thing!
Judimac is right, you will always worry about your babies regardless of their age!

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Bless you, sometimes these things come all at once.
Accidents happen and last week our best friend caught, just in time...thank god, the neighbours little boy, floating face down in the big blow up swimming pool. Its so easy with children and makes you think how easily these things happen. Glad your niece is ok but seeing a social worker is a bit OTT, obviously they have nothing better to do.:rolleyes:
Hope your son feels better soon and you get some sleep too:)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah thanks everyone. I don't feel so on edge now. My lo had a 3hr nap at 7:30am today and seems a bit happier today. Will probably hear from my sister this evening. Hope lo is ok x

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