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o/t head all over the place

Not sure who is in my area and heard the news this week. On Sunday 2 of our close friends were tragicly killed on their motorbike and most of the ones that were out with us saw the horrific scene. I just can't get things out of my head and have hardly eaten since Sun morning and feel I am in such a mess at the moment. Sorry for posting on here but just need to stay off our site as that was not helping me any reading all the rip messages being left.
There are so much emotions flying around right now and the fact my bil took his own life end of Jan that is still quite raw with us and now this. :cry:
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So sorry to hear your sad news , sending you big hugs, feel free to post here and get things off your chest, we are all here to listen. xxx


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How sad... My OH rides a bike and I do worry. I feel a lot of empathy with you right now.

As has been said, get it off your chest here if you need to. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who's not involved.

Emma xXx


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I sold my bikes a few years ago. I absolutely love the biking scene... but seen too much happen to too many. I lost my confidence a bit. But I do know that the biking community is so close and happy... proper camaraderie. It's awful when things like this happen. But you have friends all over the place who will help you through this. That's what it's all about. Friends helping friends. Take some time to count your blessings and appreciate the true joy of life. There is so much to be happy for. Try and hold on to those things right now. ((((hug))))


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I can't imagine how you feel Hun, but I'll be thinking about you.
sending you all my love x
thanks everyone, just had a sleep but still feeling very numb and can't wait for hubby to come home and just give me big hug.
I'm so sorry Tracey, this is difficult for you. I know you from the WW boards and remember that you had such a hard time with the loss of your BIL. Sending you big hugs xx


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What a hellish thing to witness. I think I saw the pics in the Evening Express (I don't buy/read any of the papers, but passed it in Asda).
There's been alot of tragic losses round here recently, hasn't there?

No idea what to say, so I'll say nothing ♥

Yep Jo the papers and tv have been hounding us too and wont stop phoning and just let us mourn our friends. They even stole the photos off our website after us telling them not to and it has upset the family. Printed a heap of rubbish too and even quoted my hubby after him telling them that nobody was wanting to speak to them because of what we had witnessed we were all so upset.


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So sorry to hear your terrible news. I send my deepest sympathy to you and your friends. Don't apologise for posting on here - I think everyone will agree that this board is for more than just SW issues esp when it is something so tragic. Take your time to heal. xxx


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Sounds about right for the press around here. Or anywhere, I guess. Shower of sh*te, the lot of them. Still. Focusing your anger on them is a distraction, at least xx
thanks everyone, had a good sleep last night and now today gonna try and eat something as not been managing food last few days just feeling sick all the time but know I have to eat. Not sure it will be on plan lol, just gonna have what I feel like to get something.
Tracy, there is nothin more I can add other than I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. It is good to share though. We have all lost loved ones and so can deeply empathise with what your going through.

Thinking of you. xxxx


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Sorry to hear about the loss of your loved ones:hug99:

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