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O/T Im the best wifey ever...

My bessie bessie bessie bessie friend everest (hehe) turns 25 on the 1st on July, thankfully on a Thursday - my day off. We always spend the day together anyways, but this day is perticuarly important as her OH is off working and will miss her birthday. I had originally planned a spa day, but shes 14 weeks pregnant and i'm aware certain things like massages will have to be catered to her.. and she doesnt like people touching her at the best of times.. let alone now! :8855: Shes very hormonal.

Last year i took her to the zoo for the day, and then took her to a spa for the weekend.

This year i was really stuck. I have been desperate to do a cupcake course but couldnt justify the money. Then she made a comment whilst we were watching Three in the Bed on telly (about B&B owners, quite funney actually) and one of the B&B's offered a cupcake course and she said she'd love to that!

I have been searching high and low for a course close by, on the day i want and at the time i want (she has midwife appt. in morn)

after being very unsuccessful and feeling rather deflated i was told a cake shop only half an hour away offers chocolate making courses. Great i thought, that'l do. After phoning them and explaining all, she said she wont run courses for only two people.

..After paying almost £200 just for two of us.. They'r shutting the kitchen for us, for a private session just for her/us! they'r going to phone me tomorrow so 'personalise' the session.. a certain theme etc. . and

Its a cupcake course!!!!!! Even though they dont usually offer them (depsite being a chocolate and cupcake shop?)

I am so flipping excited, i may wee! :eek: Haha. I'm not telling her, i'm going to blind fold her like last year :D

Im going to book a beautiful resteraunt for lunch before hand, Like me she likes her food, and even more so now shes preggers.. theres no way we'l make it through the course on cake alone! .. A flexi syn day i suspect LOL

Had to share, I officially kick ass. :rolleyes:
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Must do it this time
:wow: what a great friend you truly are going through all that to make sure your bessie mate has a great and unforgettable day.

I think you deserve your halo...wear it proud!!
Thanks guys! I'm having kittens i'm so stupidly excited. I LOVE cupcakes and decorating cakes.. which i'v been trying too teach myself.. so theres alot in it for me also, but she'l be equally excited i know it. We do love cake hehe.

I cannot wait! I will of course let you all know how it is! :) it should be the bee's knee's... best be, cos' im poor now!


synful soul
What an excellent gift. If she backs out can I come ??? lol !!!

Sue xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
Fern your a star!!!!

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