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O/T Is anyone else watching big brother???


Restart 3/9/2013
Gah not watching it and cant be bothered to go down and watch it - which woman??? whats she doing???


Step away from the chips!
Its on in the background but i kinda lost track of what was going on.

Fill me in????
Alex has just totally ape at one of the other girls over under cooking some chips. She's going on about that she's simple and calling everyone simple and d**kheads, she's not letting anyone else get a work in and when someone new trys to say something to her she starts calling them names to and shouting them down...They're chips woman!!!:confused:


Step away from the chips!
Now why didnt i think of that FF :rolleyes: Off now to catch up!


Step away from the chips!
Im with you on that one Festivalfairy. CH4+1...Dunno If I can last the whole show, But am ah try!

Thanks for the update Kelly, wow wonder what she would have said about a shake with bits in it? HUH HUH???

pmsl pmsl pmsl

Tina...I swear i wouldnt have reacted that bad about some chips....I'd have just eaten them anyway lol. A chip is a chip is a chip, undercooked, burnt to a crisp or otherwise pmsl


First Goal Under 20st!
that alexandra is a right bi*ch .... "remember i told you that"............LOL get her out!!

Lea xx
Oh my gosh, I can't decide who I dislike the most... Lisa & Mario, or Alex?

Alex is just nasty and very pretentious, what an miserable horrid woman!

Just hate Lisa and Mario! What a pair of freaks!

Why oh why oh why does Rebecca feel the need to scream ALL the time?

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