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O/T Is there anything worse than being sick on your own?


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Really, being sick is bad enough but when you're on your own it stinks!

I've had the flu since Friday. The weekend was hell on earth. Things are slowly improving now but I have no energy for doing anything at all.

If I fancy a cup of tea there's no-one to make me one. I've no energy to get up and make one and three hours later I'm still sitting there without a cuppa!

If you run out of supplies - tissues, pills, potions, milk etc - you have to get dressed and go and get them yourself. Not fun especially as I now have a heat rash from the fever that covers my face, neck, shoulders, back and chest. I just look red, blotchy and swollen! Trust me that's not pretty!

Haven't had much of an appetite but am now feeling peckish. But before I can cook something I have to do the pile of dishes that seem to have accumulated in the sink because I haven't done any housework for the past six days.

There's no-one to change the bedlinen or do the cat litter for you! The poor cats ae going to start showing their displeasure soon by decorating the floor.

And you end up watching loads of cr*p daytime telly. Jeremy Kyle really is the pits! And I don't know how many more cookery/diet/home programmes I can face.

Moan over and gong to try and muster some energy to make some scrambled egg. :sick:
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Hope you feel better soon, and just put the washing up outside with a squirt of washing up liquid on em, tomorrow is going to bucket it down and very windy so you can wash up and dry for no effort at all.


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Hi Circes,

Very sorry that you have been unwell and just can't imagine how you have managed on your own.

I do think it would be a good idea to let your family doctor know your situation, especially about your rash as I know these should always be checked out just in case it is something more serious than a heat rash.

Thinking of you.:hug99:

Love Mini xxx

Mrs V

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Awww...I hope you feel better soon Hun. Isnt there a friend or neighbour that could call in to see how you are doing and perhaps put the kettle on for you??
I really hope that you get better soon.
Im off work this week with carpel tunnel (Im not supposed to be on here either, but I need some kind of life!) Hubby's working in London today and I have been given strict instructions not to do anything at all...ooops! I wont tell him about the laundry and some tidying I have done upstairs! ssshhhhh!!!


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Thanks for all your kind thoughts!
I have spoken to the doctor (for a moment there I was going to say the vet :D) about the rash. I just have sensitive skin and its a reaction to the heat and sweat. She just said to use a moisturiser on the inflammed skin. It's not really very itchy so more unsightly that anything else.

Family live in rural area so too far to travel and I wouldn't want to risk giving them my germs as my parents are older and sister has young kids. They're doing phone support though and will leave a mercy parcel at the door tomorrow.

I do however like the novel way of doing the dishes though it might be a bit of a shock for people walking past seeing how I'm two floors up!

I guess I just have to keep reminding myself of all the benefits of being single!
Oh poor you hun. Make sure you do get some fluids in you, even though it's a chore to get up and get some. What about filling a couple of 2 ltr bottles with chilled water and make a flask of tea and keep it by the side of the bed/sofa, that way you won't dehydrate and you don't have to get up and down to get it. It's really important to keep drinking - it'll help you to recover faster.

Don't think about things like the washing up. It'll wait until you are feeling a bit better. Don't drain your energy with things that aren't important.

And I think everyone else is right, give the docs a call. You may need something to help you along a bit. Doctors will do housecalls and you shouldn't feel guilty about asking them to come out. Rest up, don't rush yourself.

p.s. it may be an idea to refresh the cat litter though ;)
Oops, sorry, our paths crossed there. Youve already called the doctor!!


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Oh Sweetie! My heart goes out to you! What you really need is some tlc! Drink lots to flush the virus out of your system, the only positive thing is you haven't got a partner who would go down with it at the same time and want you to look after him/her!!! Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon. And you are thinking about your family too, you are a Huneybunch!

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