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O.T letter done to ss


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Hi all

letter done to social services and can someone plz tell me if okies to post bit long but here goes

I would be grateful if a social worker could contact me at the earliest opportunity in relation to support needs of my child, Ben , who has Asperger Syndrome. I understand the usual procedure is for a social worker to contact me to carry out an initial assessment within seven working days.
Please arrange for my child Ben to be entered on your register of disabled children. If the local authority does not have a register, can you please provide me with a written explanation?
Please also arrange an assessment of my child’s needs for support under The Children Act and for my own needs as carer.
Some of the needs that Ben has are:
1. To improve his ability to relate to others, his social skills, to make friends (otherwise he may be at risk of being isolated and depressed).
2. To reduce his social isolation, help him leave the house. Without this support he is at serious risk of developing mental health difficulties and regressing in his independence. This need may be met by being involved in social groups, out-of-school clubs or befriending schemes and/or having a one-to-one worker.
3. To control his anger towards other children. This includes aggressive behaviour towards his brothers and parents. The behaviours include: kicking, shouting, punching. Unless this aspect of his behaviour is addressed, it is likely to escalate and could lead to serious injury.
4. To control his anger towards himself: self-injury.
5. To understand personal care tasks: washing himself, showering, getting enough sleep, relaxing and avoiding stress.
6. To help him with his challenging behaviour in public places (eg spitting, kicking, running away)
7. To improve his diet and sleep difficulties or support us to cope with the stress it causes (eg he sometimes sleep only a few hours a night).
8. To develop practical life skills, such as dressing and cleaning up.
9. To understand personal safety outside the home, how to recognise and avoid risk situations (such as stranger danger).
10. The need for me as a parent to have the opportunity for an occasional break from full-time caring for my son. I am interested in finding out information about short breaks (respite) and similar services, such as out-of-school club, playgroups, befrienders, sitting services, local sports club etc.
11. The need for my other children to occasionally have some time with me without our child with asperger syndrome being present. I am interested in any services that your department has to meet the needs of siblings of disabled children.
My overall needs as a parent and carer are to have my own living space and for my child to able to live independently of me in the future. I need to know that he will achieve or maintain a reasonable standard of health or development and that his health or development will nto be significantly impaired. I need to kno that he will be safe and looked after when I am no longer able to provide the support that I am currently providing. I also need support at the present time to help my child develop appropriately.
I am requesting practical and emotional support services under The Children Act, or other relevant legislation, to meet the needs identified during the assessment.
It is important that any professional who sees my child understands the nature of his disability. Can you please ensure that someone with relevant knowledge of ASDs carries out the assessment for services and that I am given a written copy of any assessment.
Can you also provide advice on what help my family can access: for example, details of voluntary groups, cheaper access to local leisure and transport, or other concessions, as well as information on direct payments and benefits?
If health or other needs are identified during the assessment, please ensure that we are correctly referred on to the relevant agencies or given the information we need to refer ourselves.
Can you please send me a copy of any local authority eligibility criteria for assessment and services before the assessment takes place, or advise me where I can find this on your website?
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as practicable. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter and contact me to arrange suitable times for an assessment.
Also I did ring the office up to arrange an interview but I gave all my details over the phone, which today I received the news that my son is not eligible for help as he is in a mainstream school, which I totally disagree and this is why im sending this letter to yourself and also a copy to Chris Dahlstrom.
Im basically asking for extra help in after school club so I can have more time with my other children with direct payments. Ben Hansbury has been on a statement at gorse hill primary since reception and has help everyday, also school informed me that once they cant offer ben anymore help and he isn’t progressing then they will look at another school.

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I'm a special needs teacher in a mainstream school. Does your son have a statement? How old is he? Does he receive any additional help in school? Just a quickie at this stage. Will have a proper look at your letter this evening


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I'm a special needs teacher in a mainstream school. Does your son have a statement? How old is he? Does he receive any additional help in school? Just a quickie at this stage. Will have a proper look at your letter this evening

Thanks for reply, yes he had help since reception he in year 2 now, he is in mainstream school got statement and has 15-18 hours help a week, with one on one teacher and then a few kids with him so he doesnt feel he been picked out all time on own, he is also 6
Jacqui, the letter you have written is clear, direct and calm which is really good. It comes over that you have taken the high road (despite how you feel) and that you are prepared to discuss all the options.

Just run the spell check over it as there is the odd typo that your spell check should pick up.

Let us know what the response is.

Mrs V

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I agree with the others. Its a clear concise letter that is asking for help and guidance.

Your letter will be acknowledge and hopefully you will get some advice and answers.

Good luck Hun.



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That letter is excellent Jacquie, well done, now get it in the post as soon as you can, and good luck for you, Ben and your other boys, with the help that you all need. Love to you. X
I agree with the others. It's spells out exactly what you expect, and it sounds like you know your stuff. It might also be worth copying it to the school just to make them aware of the problems that you and your family are having as a result of having to cope with the problems that Aspergers brings to the whole family.

I wish you the best of luck and I really hope you get the result you're looking for. Let us know how you get on.:hug99:


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Do you have a child development team where you live because they should help you as they have their own team of SW (Social worker not slimming world Lol) If you get no joy copy a letter into your local MP They are falling over themselves to earn brownie points at the moment. I want to say good luck but I am also so cross that YOU have to do all the chasing up as well as caring for your son. So common for parents with children with disabilities. xx
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My son is autisic and we get no Social Worker support, even though he attends an autistic unit. (they say we're a very stable family unit and there are no problems as we meet all his needs and make him comfortable - try living my life for one day)
He is on the disabled child register, but really the benefit of this is nil IMO.
Some SS depts. don't provide support for Aspergers because they say they have to draw the line somewhere.
Hopefully you wil at least get an assessment, but as respite and flexi support is so heavily sought, it's very difficult to get .
Have you visited asdfriendly.org?
It's full of great info.
I know life is very difficult for you and sometimes we cope better than others. Good luck.
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Hi there
You have some really good points there in your letter. I would just advise to leave it over night and reread just to make sure it is what you want to say.
One thing I would advise is to use your first paragraph plus a little of the last into a covering letter then list your points and expectations separately as its easier to read that way.
Were you requesting an Occupational Therapy assessment? ( Re personal skills and behaviour issues?) If so I would make that very clear. If he was statemented he should have been seen by one at that time. You may need to request this through education/ GP. I am not sure of the referral pathways in your area.
This type of disability is really hard for all concerned and you are right to speak up if you want more help. Even if Social Care say there are no other services for Ben you can request a carers assessment on your own behalf.
Do you claim attendance allowance for him?? If not this may help with after school fees.
Let me know how you get on.
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If you get no joy copy a letter into your local MP They are falling over themselves to earn brownie points at the moment.
I work as pupil support assistant in a mainstream school and a good few years ago one of the children I worked with had been struggling to get support, but when a local MP got involved people started listening - well worth a try if you do not get anywhere. Good Luck :)


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it can be helpful to get the paediatrician or psychologist who gave the diagnosis to write a letter to support your request. Are you getting any help from these people or your local CAMHS service?

The National Autistic Society may be able to give you advice too. Do you have a local Autism support network/

Good luck

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