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O/T- Mini Rant thanks to VLCD forum!!


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There. Sorry, it had to be done. I've just finished posting in a 'discussion' I've been having with an american member who is trying to lose weight by VLCD-ing, except it's their version of a VLCD- i.e. starving themselves. This person is 26-odd stone, and I've been trying to convince them that eating 1200-1400cals a day is NOT going to work for them. I've got them up from 800cals because they'd stalled and couldn't understand it. I tried to explain about starvation mode and losing healthily- but this person just wants to lose weight NOW, and as quickly as possible- regardless of the health consequences:copon: (they've actually said this- I bit my tongue when I felt like suggsting they cut off an arm or a leg...:whistle:)
Anyway, I've told them I won't reply anymore (after my last 'lecture') as any advice is obviously not what they want to hear, and all I get is how I'm not helping! LOL!
Phew. Sorry about that, I just had to let off steam....I've got to stop reading that forum, it only aggravates me...:4633:
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Morning Irishmum

Breathe, breathe...... calm down.
Feel better yet, no then repeat above until you do.

Please don't let someone else get to you. You have offered sensible advice and if they won't take it you can not do anything about it so don't let them stress you and banging your head against a brick wall will only hurt you, not them!

You tried and that is all you can do and when they find they are stuck on a plateau then they will remember your advice and then follow it to get them going again.

Moving on, how are you? I have not heard from you for a few days, a girl may start to take it personally.

Keep in touch and most of all don't stress.

Best regards


A little of everything!
LOL! Suzy, I know! I'm normally such a mellow person, then I read their 'lecture' this morning and went to myself "Why am I bothering!":sigh:
I guess thats what I get for forum hopping!:p;)
I'm still about, I usually just post when I think I can offer something- though I might be more hesitant in future!:whistle:
I'm off for a big mug of black tea & a low-fat snack...no 'starving' for me!:coffee:;)


A little of everything!
:banghead::banghead::ignore::ignore: Stop me going back to see what their response is- It's infuriating and I've promised I wouldn't post there anymore because it's getting ridiculous. They keep asking the same question, getting the same response, and now they're calling ME dense!! It's actually getting funny now, and that will only pi** them off even more!!! :whistle::p


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:rotflmao: Irish you do make me chuckle!
If they are not willing to listen to sound sensible advice they are not worth the time spent typing it. Dont let it anger you, although i can completly understand where you are coming from!

And dont you dare stop posting missy - you dont post enough as it is! :giggle: Hope you are ok and feel much better after ranting :D x
Hi Irishmum

I agree with Summergurl entirely.

Stop letting him get to you and keep on posting. I really enjoy your posts. One of the things I like about this forum is we can go totally of topic to the original thread and no body minds.

Looking forward to your next post.......


A little of everything!
One of the things I like about this forum is we can go totally of topic to the original thread and no body minds.
In my case it's a good job! PMSL!!:D:D
Yes, well we all like a good gossip don't we? Oh gosh when did we turn into our mothers?

Sad question but what does PMSL mean?

It took me ages to suss out LOL as I was told it meant lots of love and I could never work out why it didn't fit in with the emails and texts I got. Only last week I found out about ROLFOMAL, at least I think I have put the correct initials. I wouldn't mind but I am not even 40 yet!

Gonna go as kids are asleep and hubby will think I am ignoring him

Bestest regards


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PMSL = P****d myself laughing

ROFL = Roll on floor laughing

LMAO = Laughed my a**e off

LMFAO = Laughed my f*****g a**e off

SO I guess putting them together ROFLMAO and ROFLMFAO are pretty self-explanatory :):) IYKWIM (HaHa - just thrown in to confuse you = 'if ya know what I mean'!)


A little of everything!
ROFLMAO @ Jan! Thanks.


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I came across the thread you were 'mini-ranting' about whilst at work one night last week. Against my better judgement really after reading through it I offered some thoughts.
It seems to me that this lady is really looking for confirmation of what she thinks rather than being open to the thoughts/advice she appears to be asking for ifkwim (;))
I hope she finds her way and gets what she wants but I didn't feel any further contributions from me would be helpful so I have left it alone. xx


A little of everything!
Me too. Thats why I've refrained from posting again. It's a guy who's doing this 'diet' with his sister- both of whom are seriously overweight. He's college educated (so he says) which usually indicates intelligence and a reasonable amount of common sense, but I was getting belligerence and frustration from his posts to me so I decided to leave him to his own devices. He appears to want someone to tell him that if he continues to starve himself then he'll lose the 5-7lbs a week that he wants to- which I'm not going to do, and I don't think anyone else will either! Never mind. Some people can't be helped. :sigh:
Occasionally on the VLCD forum you'll get posts from new dieters who are drastically cutting cals/exercising like madwomen and are wondering why they're not dropping the lbs, but most of the time they respond well to suggestions they can try (usually eating a little more so the body has fuel and not holding onto every oz of energy!), but some people can't be helped. I really should stop rising to the bait I guess!:wave_cry:;)


maintaining since June'09
Interesting I didn't pick up it was a guy ... wonder why .... ? Makes no difference I know but I should have picked that up really, I usually am aware of the possibility. Never mind - I wouldn't have said anything different. xx

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