O/T OMG my teeth

Principessa N

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I may cry, i haven't had a dentist for almost 8 years, none of the ones round me are NHS and i can't afford private. So i put up with the odd tooth ache. But my wisdom tooth is coming through at an angle, cutting my inside cheek up and my my jaw and head hurt.

:cry:and i've fallen of the wagon, i need sympathy and a kick up the bum
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Call me Nicky xx
I had my wisdom teeth out about 9 years ago and one of them had become infected so I feel your pain. I would try and get an emergency appointment at a NHS dentist. They will see you even if you are not part of a practice.

Clove oil is good for tooth pain but tastes awful.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Principessa N

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Thanks Hun, i've found a dentist that accepts emergency non patients, but they closed this afternoon, so i'll call on monday. Think i'll stick for cheesey mash this weekend.


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i've had the same problem for over a week. the inside of my cheek was all swollen - even thought it was an absess at one point. thankfully yesterday and 2day the inflamation as calmed down and the massive swelling has shrunk to a little flap of gum!

take ibuprofen - it helps with the pain and the inflammation :)

Principessa N

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Ouch hope mine don't go that way, might have to buy a little bottle of wine to cheer myself up, taken paracetomol already which did nothing so i'll take some later.


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Hope this isn't out of date:
Says they have out of hours(til 9.30 tonight), maybe ring them for advice?



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If the pain is really bad go to Tesco pharmacy (or any other which is still open) and get co-codamol, this is codeine is paracetamol, it works but will make you very sleepy xxx