O/T - Omron Pedometer loving it !

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by wannabesize10, 11 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. wannabesize10

    wannabesize10 Silver Member

    Hi All,

    Few days ago i got a Omron Pedometer after reading reviews on a well known book site, i have used Pedometers in the past and they havne't been very accurate ,

    this one works really well you can keep it in a pocket or handbag etc anyway my point for the post is that i really feel this little devise is going to help me get fitter it's got a 7 day memory and every day so far i have been aiming to beat my steps/ cals/miles from the day before, even got me standing up between ad breaks and marching on the spot so i can get my step count up !

    this is such a simple thing but walking ..taking steps can really help in fitness ,toning and i am loving beating my score
    wonder if anyone else has one what they think and just to mention it incase anyone was thinking of doing so exercise but didn't know where to start this is a great 1st step excuse the pun !

    wannabesize10 ! x :D
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  3. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

    Hmm, I will have to look into those. I have a long hallway I can increase steps daily.
  4. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Yeah, they're fab aren't they. I have a fitbug, which is made by Omron..and exactly the same except for the 'name'.

    I don't use the fitbug software anymore, but often wear the ped.

    Very accurate and easy to use :)
  5. wannabesize10

    wannabesize10 Silver Member

    me too i have been doing little sprints up and down my doggy looks at me very strange but it's amazing how many steps you can do !

    thats fab Kd - i think i should get my mum one as she works at the hospital and is on her feet so much it would be intresting to see what her milliage is each day,
    i am intrested to see ow many steps i take round bluewater ( shopping centre )

    sadly only on 2711 steps so far but been doing lots of work at the laptop but will be walking the dog soon , did 10,010 yesterday got to beat it lol

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