o/t question for pink peony


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Yes I am but I'm doing it on my own from home - no classes - it's really quite easy actually once you get into it. It took me a good few weeks to get into but once I did I found I was really enjoying it. I've lost about 23 lbs so far since end of september (with a little break for xmas.) How much do you want to lose? I would like to lose about another 1. 1/2 stone ideally, maybe a little more! xx


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Wow that's excellent, well done! I have a friend who is doing it from home too and she is doing really well. It is such a good plan isn't it.

Well ideally I would like to lose about 5-6 stone which at the moment feels like an insurmountable task but I am sure that I will get there in the end :) My hubby and I want to start fertility treatment soon so I have a goal in mind!