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O/T Rant about work (sorry)


I will succeed!!!
Today was my last day at work until the 20th. Without knowing, I chose the worst week possible to go on leave - as I've been hammered this week; docs for technical QA, advice and comments as well as producing my own documents to accompany them.

Anyway, in our team we have a 'resource manager' who is MEANT to do just that ensure the right resource is given to the right areas. To me it's total BS as we don't NEED this doing; we all have our own portfolio to manage and get on with it. All he seems to do is sign the freakin' timesheets and approve leave.

I set aside the last three days to complete my workload, so I could leave today feeling chirpy and relaxed. It started badly on Monday when the document due to me was put back until Friday (hello, I am not in grrr) so using my nogging I helped them complete the bits I needed to do my cascading document so I could issue it for my own QA to plant (I work in the nuclear industry) while I am off. It meant more work, but it meant it got done.

Anyway, today I came in ready to close it all out and QA 2 docs I had received when our 'resource manager' - from here known as tw*t came down when I arrived at 7am to ask if I had any work for our intern. I said yes and gave her (and him) an overview of what to do - the world's most simple of simple tasks but one that's time consuming (so I thought it'd keep her busy all day).

She pestered me all freakin' day - and when I asked tw*t to guide her (as he knew the task too) he said he was too busy. When I go into his office he's on the internet looking at stuff.

To top it off, 2 more docs came in for QA with a deadline for Monday...so now...12.5 hours after I started work, I am still reading and commenting by email from home. I have 3 more to go (they're long docs) and probs won't be done until late. Tomorrow was meant to be my packing day and I might have to make work calls.

I am SO angry! I have complained about tw*t so many times - as have the rest - but he still gets away with it.

Popped on here for a much needed sanity break :)

Sorry to rant - I'm just p*ssed off. And to make it worse, my lunch was a Ginsters (syn tastic) sarny cause I worked at desk :-(

Thank goodness I leave the country soon!
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I will succeed!!!
Thanks hun. I'm done now - finally. And my amazing OH has done the housework. So just gotta do the ironing and packing - phew!



I will succeed!!!

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