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O/T Sad, my "baby" leaves school today!


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Title says it all, my 11 year old daughter leaves primary school today and I'm really sad surprisingly.
Maybe it's because it has hit me that she's growing up, maybe it is because I'm worried for her starting a massive senior school and maybe it's because I'm scared she'll turn into a monster over the next few years!

It's all part of growing up I know but it really is quite sad - the girls in her class are so going to be crying and I think I'll join them too when I pick her up :cry:
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aww hun i know how you feel i felt the same last year when my then 7 year old left infants for juniors and felt all the feelings your feeling now so god help me when he leaves this one.thing is they just sale through it and leave us there to worry about them big hugs to you


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Omg jaylou i remember when my lad lefted and that morning they had an assembly and once some of the kids cried that was it i was sobbing so good luck today.

As for turning into a monster well just hope she doesnt, but mine being a lad omg from year 7-9 he was a bugger at school and now in year 10 he realised that now he needs to buckle down and the teachers cant believe what an angel he is being, and he a A* student as well grrrr.

Good luck hun and she will be fine going into senior school just hope she picks nice friends :D


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My 'baby' was 21 yesterday, think how I felt. You can deny that your getting old but when the kids age is catching up to your made up age folks start to notice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:hug99: Im always praying that my 3.5 year old will develop some sort of magical Peter Pan syndrome and never grow up for this very reason!
I will probably be the same when she starts Infants next year, even though she goes to a Day Nursery now, she is still innocent! Next year...oh what fun! Lol
You have your cry Huni, get it out of your system...you're baby is growing up now.

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My youngest finishes receiption today, and starts 'proper' school in september. it feels like a really big deal to me too !!


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Jaylou you won't be the only mum crying at the school gates today - I still remember how upset I was when my son left primary school, many moon's ago now, I sniffed all the way home and all he was interested in was a McDonalds for tea, kids.......

I hope your daughter will settle at her new school, it is going to be a big step for you both, love to you. X


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Thank you all so much, I did cry, a lot! She has her friends round now and they can all sob together. It's a big step it really is. I'll be sad and nervous come September. xx


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I'm off to collect my little girl from school in a sec and as I typed this there was biggest almighty rumble of thunder and the sky has gone black.....just great :rolleyes:, not an omen I hope. It's my little girls last day as an infant. In September she'll be in the Junior school :cry:
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I went into school lunch time to take the reception children a present each (cos I am their dinner lady) and I came out crying, the kids were glad to see the back of me though lol. got a new lot in september 4 years old to try and get to eat their veg at lunch times now to look forward to.

As for getting upset when they move on to the next school, I think it is that we realise they are growing up and becoming more independant, by the time my eldest 2 left secondary school I was definately feeling redundant as a mother but discovering my new role as the skivey! Cann't wait to be made redundant from that roll.
There is one real bonus though for them going to secondary school and that is they don't do things that the parents have to sit through like the school concerts. I do miss the nativity plays though I must admit, just not the musical concerts.

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