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Hi there
Inno this is off topic but today my Mum was in hopsital as she has slipped her left disk in her back. She is in her mid 40's and to be honest i don't know what to do. She has been given Morhphine (not sure on spelling) and pain killers but she is crying with the excruitating pain. Just wondered if anyone knows of any advice to pull her through the pain.
She is being refered to a physiotherapist but these things take time.
Any advice is kindly appreciated as i just feel useless and hate seeing my Mum in agony!
"Worse than child birth" ....her words!

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I feel her pain!!!

When i was 18, i slipped a disc in my lower spine, and spent the next 3 years on crutches - total agony. I ended up having offending disc removed and replaced with a plastic one, but it's left me with permenant sciatica in both legs, and i do suffer with backache daily, 13 years on.

No wise words i'm afraid, but a referral to a physio is a good step forward. Perhaps seeing an oesteopath as well might help?


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I have only ever hurt my back once and to be honest, it was totally crippling - you just don't realise beforehand how much you use your back for - even putting my knickers on myself was a no-no.
I went to see a fantastic chiropractor and in 3 sessions I was sorted - although it hurt along the way - he was keen on manipulation !!! it was well worth it
Is she on Duragestic patches for the pain?


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Hi sorry don't know what advice to give, but hope she gets better soon x


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Have they done an MRI scan to ensure it is indeed a slipped disc? The patches for pain are excellent and may help. The alternative whilst waiting for physio is to pay for private physio/osteopathy but can be expensive at £30-£40 a time. If she is still in such bad pain I would not hesitate to call the GP our-a home visit if she is unable to move. i wish her better.


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Thanks guys! Not sure on the exact name of the patches but i do know it contains morphine. She is still unable to move and didnt get a wink of sleep last night. (I sat with her). She has got sleeping tablets now to see if this will help her sleep coz she so exhausted- but im monitoring her and i may need to call the 24hr doctor to get a home visit as the pain just isnt resisiting. Will keep u posted through the night xx


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Sorry to hear about you mum, hope she got some sleep last night and the pain eases. xx


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She may find she is able to sleep if she can lie on her stomach over 2-3 pillows with a hot water bottle on her back. If she can get comfy like that, then the aim is to remove a pillow at a time (it will hurt initially again but should settle) until she can lie flat . A large towel rolled up and pulled tight round her waist might help too. She won't be able to at the mo, but she should avoid bendingforward. If she can sleep on her side then she needs the top leg (usually the bad side supported on a pillow. Hope she gets better soon.


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I had a 'squashed' disc once, it was agony, my back was cramping up. It eased a little bit after a week or so. The doctors/hospital could only offer me an epidural which I didn't fancy so I went privately to a chiropractor and he got me back to work in 3 sessions and cured the sciatica I'd had for 3 months, I was very impressed. I hope your mum gets better soon xx

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