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O/T think i've got a cold coming

I've got that horrible 'itchy/sore' feeling at the back of my nose/top of my throat, and my nose has become increasingly blocked throughout the afternoon.

I'm snuggling up in the blanket on the sofa tonight and having an early night too!

I HATE having a cold... it makes me feel so blah! :rolleyes:

I think this cold is doing the rounds isn't it?!
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I feel for you... I have a cold and feel well and truly poorly.

I felt rough all weekend but just thought it was a case of working hard and playing harder but that isn't it. I went to work this morning and came home at 1130 and slept and snotted until 3. I then had a lemsip and have just lounged all day. I am fed up of hearing myself sneeze now!!!

Get some vitamin C down you and an early night and see if that helps. Get loads of rest hun.

Stock up on Lemsip, soothers, olbas oil and very very very soft tissues. get a chick flick on and put your feet up!!

I hope you feel better soon. You and your new red hair don't deserve a cold!!
aww thanks guys! i think everyone's either got this cold or had it recently haven't they?!

it's that time of year when the weather changes and we all suffer unfortunately! i love this time of year, but not all that it brings with it! lol
thanks again for the well wishes... i don't feel too bad in myself at the moment.. just the horrid nose/throat at the mo! x

i'm hoping it's not swine flu in the making.. does anyone know what the symptoms i should be looking out for are? or is it just like regular flu?
haha - MEN... nightmare when they're ill... almost as bad as me! LOL ;) :rotflmao:
yep - it's a full blown cold today! feel illllllll - boooo! :(

the worst part for me is not being able to breath out of my nose.. it makes me feel so claustrophobic!
Hi Beki, there are bad colds doing the rounds at the moment (always prevalent in London due to travelling via public transport). I am in the early stages, feeling very very tired (which, to me, is worse than the symptoms). Take care, Tracy
hope you feel better too soon hun! xx

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