O/T to charge or not to charge? Advice please


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I've been doing a few bits of sewing here and there for mates and one said to me I should charge...but I don't like to. Anyway, a freind dropped in some stuff last night and I've been 4 pairs trousers, 2 tops & a zip to fix! Wasn't sure what to charge she said she wouldn't let me do them unless I took some thing off her! So agreed on £5 per item....looked in local cleaners and they charge £15.00 for a new zip!!! And £8.00 to take up trousers so shes got a good deal there....or could I have refused to take any money off her? Feel abit bad taking money off a mate have I charged to much? Should I have charged her?

Kam x
You already know what I think!!!
Hi Kam - I pay someone to do my ironing - 50p and item, and someone to do my garden once a fortnight - £12 for 2hrs.

As someone who hates sewing I'd certainly pay someone to do it for me! Especially when you see how much it costs to buy new clothes - and the prices you are charging seem very reasonable.

Mind yr fingers! .......... and watch us all the Miniminers local to you beat a path to your door, with clothes to be taken in!!!
Thanks F40GE. Better watch out then or I'll have people throwing clothes at me in the street!! LOL

Already promised to make Mary & Joseph costumes for school this year...made a donkey, Santa, fairies, Frier Tuck!, incy wincy spider & princess ones last year.

Oh bliss someone to do the ironing would be fab! I don't mind it but its so boring!! I do however love cleaning! sad or what!!

Kam x
Hi Kam - i reckon you are just about spot on. If you are undercutting the cleaners and your mate is insisting on paying you then go for it!

When i was childminding it was v awkward with friends and charging etc - i ended up agreeing with them that if they asked me i'd charge but if i offered i wouldn't - that seemed to work well otherwise nice as your mates are - you end up getting taken advantage of!
Absolutely you should charge and I am sure your friend is more than happy to pay so go for it.

How about using the sewing money to pay for someone to do the ironing!

I think it is best to charge as I know it makes me feel I can go back again when I want another job done.

I have a friend who helps me out with my ironing from time to time and I would feel I could not impose on her time if she did not charge me. I am so delighted to have her there for me when I need her.

If you are good at what you do Kam you could have a nice little business going there for yourself.

When my son was a baby I started knitting and I my friends asked me to make them jumpers and cardigans for their children and I ended up making so many that it did take part of the enjoyment out of it.:( I often wonder had I started charging for my jumpers would I have been so busy:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Barb & Mini,

Your comments are appreciated. I don't really want to end up doing it as a business...and I'm not that good just know how to use a machine! And lack of money sometimes its easier to adjust something than have to spend a fortune replacing something thats in good nick.

Oh Mini I'd love to be able to knit! My Mum has tried to show me loads of times but I just don't get it!

Barb....DH would never let me pay someone to do the ironing! when I'm cheaper!

Talking of which I really must iron my uniform for Cubs! that sexy beige shirt is fab when your so fat! Why they couldn't have made it in black is beyond me! LOL BUt at least I can wear my fleece tonight as our Scout Hut is like a fridge!

Dib dib
Kam x