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O/T Ugh, one of those days...


Bears dont dig on dancin'
(I'm going to ramble on about my baby, sorry, toddler eek! Just to warn any of you non-mums it may be boring! lol)

SoooOooo My LO is just going through that phase of dropping to one nap... And he wakes up at 5am :eek: Anywho, he was up at 6am today yay, and had a nap 11-12:45... but, at bedtime he decided it would be much more fun to get his ankle properly wedged in the bars of his cot... well wasn't that fun!! Must of hurt as OH had to actually pull the bars apart to get it out :eek:

...after that he still refused to sleep, and 2 hours later has finally nodded off!! OMG I'm worn out, up and down the stairs god knows how many times (got to have burnt a few extra calories on top of my hrs walking today!). I'm so pooped! Ergh...

OH has gone out cycling with his bro so I hear nothing but the birdies in my garden and the slightly annoying (yet somehow calming) humming of my laptop working it's magic... ahh peace at last!!

Sorry to bore you all but it needed to be vented! lol xxx
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Slow but sure....
Ah, bless em......my little 14 month old grandson fight's sleep like mad at bedtime until he finally wears himself out and just fall's asleep wherever he is.....they are so adorable though aren't they!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Beats paying for a step class! When he hits his teens you won't be able to get him out of bed!

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