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My very bumpy journey has started again!


New Member
S: 20st3.5lb G: 14st4lb
hello :wavey: everyone im a newbie, i have decided to take the plunge (yet another one) and finally give it 100% to get me to shift these stones.
i plan to use this as my daily diary not just for food but generally too, been told it will help to write everything down for so long so decided to give it a try. so bear with me.

A little back ground of me and my situation.
i'm 29yrs old married for 5yrs.

started having the depo injection when i was 15 years old (and its this which i believe was the start of my current problems) this is when my weight started creeping up not that i was skinny but i was slim and very active, and had the depo for just over 4 years straight till i was 19 nearly 20 years old, came off it and after a year or so seen g.p as no period who referred me to the fertility dept at local hospital who said go away and lose some weight then come back, well devastated wasn't the word angry upset ect life continued.
during my new job i was talking to a work colleague who mentioned she had fertility problems and was under a consultant who worked at the same hospital i popped in a spoke with the consultant who advised my to be referred to her by my g.p, which i did and he did she suspected i had PCOS mainly due to my absent periods weight gain and dark sking markings i had round the back of my neck and on my knucles also the excess hair on my chest, i had blood tests and an internal ultra sound scan and i was diagnosed with PCOS.

I was advised to lose weight and was given information on it and its charity 'verity' i was then prescribed metformin but couldn't get on with the 3 a day mainly due to my bad belly and i don't always eat three times a day, so i stopped taking them and was waiting for my next appt but after a fair few months i discovered she had left and my new consultant was an endocrinologist in another hospital, so seen him and was prescribed meformin slow release which seem to agree with me more.

i decided it was time to lose some weight as i was getting married and it seemed perfect i had two major reasons to do it so of course i would, right? well i joined lighter life at £65pw i had to do it and i did i lost 6 stone! but it was soo hard i didn't really get on with the diet i didnt like the products found it hard to drink all the water missed chewing and had a foul taste in my mouth and got bad breath!! then i went through the other diets Cambridge and celebrity slim but again didn't like the products! my g.p referred my to a weight management clinic where i got to see a dietitian, consultant and a shrink, they advised my to try cambridge again but i couldnt afford it at this point they gave me orlistat/xenical to try but i had had these in the past and they didnt seem to do much for me but i tried them again and yet again they didn't really help me to lose any weight, due to my other health problems i have a lot of hospital appts so stopped going to this clinic as having to have too much time off work!

My other health problems
-Osteoarthritis in my knee which i damaged at 11 years old have the knee of a 60 year old and need a new one but were trying to put it off as long as poss due to my age. i cant run or kneel.
- I have 2 slightly pro-lapsed discs in my back which has only started giving my problems in the last 2-3 years, (i fell off my horse and he trod on me when i was younger and damaged my back) some days i could hardly get out of bed but physio has helped a little.
-and in January last year i developed a huge abscess in my arm pit which had to surgically drained i also the developed several more a few other big ones which needed surgical drainage again all within a few months, which was diagnose as hidradenitis suppurativa after 6 moths of antibiotics *touch wood i have not had another flare up!

i then did rosemary connelly and did lose a stone and a half but couldnt afford to go anymore as hubby was made redundant and we were homeless for a while.

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