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O/T - When are you starting your Xmas Shopping?

Hey folks,

Has anyone else noticed the Xmas stuff is in EVERY shop on the high street? You cant get away from it, its madness! lol.

When does everyone start their shopping?

I get the Park Hamper love to shop vouchers every year and they are due to arrive in a couple of weeks time, im actually excited and cant wait to buy this year as there is some fab stuff in boots etc.

What does everyone else do?
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i have done half of mine already lol. i used to be a "wait til december" girl but having a baby has changed my organisation skills! plus i cant be doing with busy shopping! think ive only got about 6-7 things left to get
i have done half of mine already lol. i used to be a "wait til december" girl but having a baby has changed my organisation skills! plus i cant be doing with busy shopping! think ive only got about 6-7 things left to get
Wow - how organised are you? Thats ace - i bets its great knowing you dont have to tackle the crowds in december!

I just want my vouchers to hurry up and arrive so i can get mine done!
I've started. Stocking fillers, and a couple of pressies. I have a christmas cupboard which is filling. Some fillers I buy in the JAnuary sales. I've usually done more by now, but mony ahs been so tight. All I've done though, is make it even tighter for christmas. Hope the kids don't notice how much less they are gonna get this year!



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My oh does a saving scheme with work which he saves all year then in november when they get paid they get it all back! So when he gets paid in november i shall start doing mine. Havent got a clue what to get yet though!

My friend who i go to group with said to me today that she had finished hers and was going to start wrapping them today!! That is far to organised for my liking!!
just got to get 4 last items for DD2 tomorrow morning funnily enough,then just parents and we're done apart from cards n paper.
i like ours done before end of november cus we like to spend december going out to panto,german market and safari park etc.tree goes up on last day of nov ready for the elves to collect DD2's picture letter and they leave her her advent calendar then all the outings we go on and see santa are the lead up/count down to xmas eve when if she's been really good those cheeky lil elves leave her a lil pressie early on xmas eve.oooh she loves it-not as much as mommy n daddy tho!!!!
i have one or two things, and am going to start properly next week when i get paid from one of my jobs. HAve loads of ideas of whta to get people so thats a start-just have to pay for it now LOL


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I have done some window shopping and got a few ideas, but haven't actually started shopping yet. May well start next week when I have some money.
ive done half of mine , i get it all done by november, then i can enjoy december, and the lead up to christmas x
Have got some stocking fillers, but no big ones yet - lots of bdays between now and December so they have to come first - getting some bonus in Nov pay so that's going towards crimbo shop - got lots of ideas just no money to buy at the mo, going to mother-in-laws tmrw night - and yes bless she is going to cook me a SW friendly meal, got to look through loads of photos as getting hubby a big canvas print with his pics on fro his main pressie so need to get that organised pretty sharpish.

And well if the news is to be beleived no one will receive their card this year, so I might not bother and be eco and send an email - bah humbug!!!!
I've got a few bits when I've seen online bargains, so I've pretty much covered the females in the family (bargain pashmina's and Yankee candle sets) just the difficult men to get for!
C xx


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I'm making presents for some people so I started a while back as they will take some time to finish. I'm thinking of getting my parents a halogen oven from the JML website as I can pay over three instalments.
I've done most of the kids just need to see what they ask Santa for, I've started my christmas knitting and got a lot of little bits, I guess I'm about 50% done
I'm going to start soon, especially if I see some bargains. Actually, thanks for the prompt... I should make my list, shouldn't I? Also I will be getting the odd bit of Christmas food/crackers etc. each week now (when I buy my groceries) - That way it will spread the cost.
I ususally have mine done by mid November (starting mid-November too!) Lol. I dont like shopping at the best of times, so for me I would rather get it all done as quickly as possible. I collect ideas for people throughout the year though, so that I know a lot of thought has gone into each gift!!
I have Hubby's, mine, Daughter's and FIL's birthday before then anyway!!!
Well i got 3 kids and just my mum, dad and bro.

Done the 6 year old just gotta get him the dsi in usa next week if its cheaper and can get adapter for conversion over here. 10 year old ive brought him xbox360 and upstairs with 6 games so just a few bits for him and just 15 year old but its his birthday on that day so i have 500 for his and rest of family.

Ive only done what i have cos i won a grand 2 sundays ago so im lucky and glad its outta way.

Just gotta get the new psp from usa cos 10 year old birthday when i get back and thats defo it.
Wow, Jacqui - lucky you and kids for those fab xmas presents!!

I have bought a few stocking fillers but nothing substantial as yet. Lots of ideas and I need to make a list as I am doing most of my shopping in one hit this year in November.

DD doesn't want anything "big" but all the little things add up, shoes, clothes, nintendo games, dvd's, cd's etc, soon adds up!

I want it all done by end November.
I've started, every year i leave it until last minute! and i'm always broke until after New year!
Me and Richard are saving for our wedding and have decided on spending only £100 on each other, he's really into his photography so i've bought his a lush leather photo album and a new camera bag, i know he wants a new game for his PS3 and i'll end up getting him aftershave and a few stocking fillers.

I bought £30 worth of Avon smellies for the ladies in the family and a matching scarf and glove set for my dad and Richards dad.

I love Christmas, and this year i'm cooking Christmas dinner for Richard and his mum and dad!!! EAK!!! :)
I start in the January sales - I buy the presents then tick them off a list so I know who is done and who is left to still buy for. THEN I wrap the gift THE SAME DAY and store it away. So far - like so many - money has been tighter this year so not as far ahead as usual..... have bought for my parents, MIL, brother and his family, friends and now JUST need to get hubby and the 3 kids presents and a few more stocking fillers.... got about 70% of stocking fillers done now needing awkward bulky shaped gifts to help stretch the fabric - LOL!!!
Bought one gift so far for Michael out of his 'budget' but he is mad keen on Mickey mouse Clubhouse and I begrudge the cost I am finding things at so may have to keep searching......


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