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O/T While The Cat's Away...

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My OH has a platonic female friend, that has been around since they were in 6th Form College together. He thinks they are "mates" and nothing has ever happened between them, because he doesn't fancy her at all. However, she is CLEARLY (to a woman) in love with him. You know how stupid men are.

In twelve years she has only dated two men (one for about two years and one she just moved in to her house) and the first of those was a huge excuse to look like a victim and spend hours crying to my OH (I wasn't around then). The new guy seems like she has "settled" for what she can get and I don't think she cares for him much. We went out as a group and she is certainly more excited by being around my boyfriend!

She doesn't like me but has to be polite (which in her case means banging on and on to me, about how she knows my boyfriend sooooo well etc.). I'm polite back, because anything else would upset him.

Before I moved in she rang my b/f about once a month, usually to the house phone. NOW she only rings his mobile and (the reason I'm posting here, apart from wanting to kill her) she has taken to phoning EVERY Monday night... Because she knows I am out at SW! Apparently her OH has a club that night too. Grrrrr.

Yes, I am a jealous biotch. Yes, she looks like a troll and has no chance, so I should relax. Yes, I know that the fact he won't answer the phone to her most of the time (because he likes the peace when I'm not there chatting) means she might get the message and **** ***.

But still...Grrrrrr!
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Unfortunately some people cling to the past and are totally unable to move on. I'd still hate her but I'd feel sorry for her and her pathetic attempts to annoy you.


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oh, i'd be exactly the same! i'm a right jealous so and so! :eek: i know this doesn't help you.. but... thought i'd say i'd feel exactly the same! lol xx
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Isn't it funny how men can sometimes be oblivious to this sort of thing but to women it's so clear and obvious!!

Rant away...it must be really frustrating for you. I can get jealous too, not all the time but when I do, I am usually right about it!!! I have been in a similar but very different situation with someone who my OH was friends with...but luckily she started doing things that even he realised were inappropriate and we managed to knock that on the head (not literally, although I'd have LOVED that!)

Anyway...GRR at her and unless you start plotting her downfall in an evil styleee (tempted) then you'll have to rise above it.

Troll! Love it.
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Reallllllllllly feel for you... been there.

Eventually though I'm sure he will see it for what it is. Mine did, -and because I didnt stomp my feet or give ultimatums my halo remained in tact. :) :)

Good luck & lots of patience to you!


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Bint-features needs to back the hell off. But to NOT be told by you to back the hell off. Difficult I know hun.

Maybe set a bear trap for her or something...?
why are men so dumb with issues like this? (apologies if you are one of the few switched on fella's out there)
you're being great, you've more patience than me I'd have answered the phone and told her to f*&k off by now


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