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Attack oat bran - AGAIN!

have you a link to the packet your looking at I just looked at it says they are out of stock of oatbran
I hate this - which is worse? Not eating the Oatbran at all, or eating it with oat germ, which is about 10% fat...

I really don't know at this stage -

Has any thing been said on the official chats?
have you tried little health food shops , mine had bags of it this morning


** Chief WITCH **
Very annoying indeed. I'd not eat oatgerm in attack, that's for sure.
When I started the diet, using the original French book in 2007, the galette is mentioned on page 200 odd and so no I didn't use the oatbran! Only when someone told me on an online forum did I start.

So I'd go for none, rather than oatgerm - at least in attack.
If using it in Cruise, as it's carby, perhaps avoid carby iffy yoghurts...

I just French googled the question and everyone is saying "no germ"!

What do you think Atropos?
I'm thinking "no" to oatgerm - this is, in principal, a low carb, low fat diet, and eating oatgerm is basically the opposite of that!

In an emergancy, if I do run out of oatbran I'll follow the advice for coeliacs. I'll miss the galette/muffins/bread - but at least I know that it's a temporary blip and they'll be back.

I am more concerned about newcomers to the diet, who may have to go through several weeks without access to oatbran and the lovely things you can eat with it, and may never incorporate into their diets at all.

It's going to be tough for them.


** Chief WITCH **
ahem... my start in France was without FAR more things than they're having to do without and I'm still around ;)
Hi guys, thanks for the advice on day 6 now and stil haven't been able to find any! Problem I have is I can't go routing in the shops as I had surgery a few wks ago and not up to it! I've had the oatbran with oatgerm for the last two days and doesn't seem to have caused many probs I have lost 9 lb on attack in 5 days so v pleased!

Thanks again x
well at least when you get the proper stuff you may have another good weight loss on top


** Chief WITCH **
and she looks fab too ;)


Having another go....
well i have discovered that i have been on completely the wrong stuff - i have been using oats with bran.... like dur!! i now have some proper real oatbran (if you are in Brighton, theres a shop in the North Laine area called Infinity Foods - that does all sorts of hippy foods)
Oh pants ..I am on day 3 of attack and have been using the Oatbran and Oatgerm from Holland and Barrett as they didn't have straight Oatbran :(
I have found some on Tesco online but wont be delivered until next week .. Should I stop using it alltogether? :confused:

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