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Oatibix - Syns or Healthy Extra?

You can, but it has to be 28g (I think the big biscuits weigh just under that). And don't forget to have a Ryvita Wholegrain crispbread on the same day too - otherwise the Oatibix won't count as a healthy extra!
Ahhhh I don't have anything extra,not keen on ryvita crispbreads so I just have the 28g of cereal, didn't realise this was wrong :confused:


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No you don't have to have the crispbread as well, all it will mean is that you're not getting the full recommended amount of fibre. A few consultants have said that this means you must syn them but there is nothing in the SW literature to back this up and SW HQ have not confirmed you must syn them if not taking the full amount.


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I also have 28g of Oatibix and don't have the Ryvita as not that keen on them. My SW leader says this is ok. Has not affected my weight loss.
Thanks everyone, this is really helpful. I will probably just stick to Weetabix as I only have 1 as 1/2 a Heb so wouldn't work with the Ryvita anyway.

It would be good to know for sure about counting HE's as syns if you don't have the full amount. I sometimes have milk left over at the end of the day also, I would love to have porridge in the morning but I can't face the scan bran :yuk: to eat with it so usually don't bother!
i'm not keen on ryvita but i do like the salt and vinegar ryvita minis so i have been haveing a bag of them for my breakfast instead of cereal :) ... also use a whole HEx B then :) ... and can eat them on the go :)


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