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Extra Easy Oats?

I've given up trying to do red or green days, it's just too much thinking & planning for me at the moment :rolleyes:! So, I'm starting again tomorrow and I'm going to give EE a try.

I have some questions though! I can't find oats (porridge) on the lists anywhere. Is it a free food with EE as it's a wholegrain, or do I have to have it as HEb (as it's not on the list of cereals :confused:)?

Why do we have to 'count' skimmed milk (on any of the plans), when we can stuff ourselves silly with other FF dairy products? That's never made sense to me! I suppose that's more of a rhetorical question/observation though.
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28g porridge oats PLUS 1 oat or scan bran is a B choice on all plans (R/G/EE)


28g porridge oats = 5 syns all plans.

Angie's got in before me with the numbers, but so you know, the Extra Easy booklet is just an abridged version of the free food and A/B choices list in the main Food Optimising Book. You can pick any A or B choice from the main book, and any food that is free on either red or green is free on Extra Easy.

No idea about the milk, but most plans I know of limit you in some way. Perhaps it's because we could drink litres of skimmed milk but are unlikely to be able to eat litres of Mullerlight?! (Me anyway!). Slimming World isn't just about the calories and fat - it's got to do with how quickly food is digested (think GI diet) too, so that probably comes into it.
Thanks Paperclip! I've done GI and skimmed milk was actively encouraged on that. I stay away from 'diet' products as much as I can because I don't want to poison myself with all those evil artificial sweeteners. That's where most of my syns end up going - fructose for sweetening things, but at least that's safe & healthy!


loves food and cooking
Thanks Angie! I can't get the scan bran stuff here, anything else I can substitute? Can I use any of the HEb things as my HE on EE (sounds confusing!). My booklet only has about 10 cereals listed!
Ah yes, I see you are in the Netherlands ... do you have ryvita etc? You could probably subsitute a ryvita high fibre crackerbread or something similar - the focus here is on fibre I believe - it would only be equivalent to approx 1/2 a standard ryvita.

As for HE's on EE, you can use ANY B choice from either plan as the B choice on Extra Easy - the booklet only contains a brief list to illustrate the idea. If it is a B choice on the plan, then it is a B choice on EE.

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