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Obsessed with weighing myself!!

S: 17st10lb C: 13st6lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 4st4lb(24.19%)
Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks I've started weighing myself daily and really want to break the habit, I find I'm up/down/same all over the place all week so when it actually comes to weigh day I'm often heavier than the Friday and disheartened!

Does anyone else find they have a bit of a scales habit? Its putting me in such a bad mood & casting a negative glow over my achievements but just can't seem to help it! :confused:

Siobhan xx
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I know I shouldn't but I do it too.Same thing happens as you.I dont go to class so weigh at home aanyway and I dont think it helps. Maybe we should set up an addicts group.Secret Scalers,or purposeless peepers just like alcoholics anon.


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Gulity!!! Although I am trying to cut it down to weighing every 3 days now.

Before I jump on the scales and try and remember what I will feel like if it shows a gain or STS and that usually keeps me off until weigh day!! (easier said than done though)
S: 17st10lb C: 13st6lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 4st4lb(24.19%)
Awful isnt it. Stupid thing is, I got weighed at a totally different time, and had eaten a cereal bar this morning when I stepped on!
AND i'm using WII fit which I don't always trust anyway! Really need to buy some decent digital scales or delete my wii fit profile & just go on scales at fat club which I AM re-joining on Tuesday!

They've moved the class back up to the top of my road so now for definite I am going xx


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I dont have a weighing scales and wouldnt buy one if i really want to i can weigh on the wii fit but prefere to use SW one xx


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I used to do that when I first started, but the difference from my scales to the WI scales are so different that I just don't bother anymore. The second week I went my scales showed I'd gained so was disheartened, and when I got to WI, I had lost a lb. So i put my scales in the cupboard and just go by the WI at class.
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Before I started SW, I jumped on the scales every morning and every night. And it used to get me really down cos I thought I was "okay" in the morning, but after food/drink all day, the numbers on the scales jumped up a couple of lbs and I used to get depressed.

Now that I'm on SW, I try to stick to Sat weigh in only. I failed epically this morning by standing on those scales and seeing that I have gained 1lb since last Saturday. Now I feel horrendous because I've tried to be 100% this week and was hoping for a loss (even though it's TOTM). I know WI isn't until tomorrow but there's no way I can lose 1lb+ by 9am tomorrow! Weighing every day just isn't worth it, especially if you gain....and even if you lose, and then weigh in on proper weigh in day, you might be different and it might not be in a good way ;)

I defo say stick to weekly weigh in. And I am now going to learn from my mistake! (Even though I feel pretty rubbish right now :()


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I'm the same. I promised myself I wouldn't do it this week yet everyday I've been on them. Trouble is today they said I've put on 2lb since yesterday :eek: I know in my head that it's most likely to be fluid retention but now I know I'm going to worry about it all day and find it harder to stay on track. :sigh:


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I weigh myself once everyday, always at the same time (morning) and I'm happy doing it this way. I realise that daily factors can contribute to a variation in weight but I think taking an average over a week (7 measurements) is more accurate than one single weekly measurement which is just as prone to the same variations (errors). OK I'll stop being a nerd now :rolleyes:
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i weigh myself everyday as long as your aware you fluctuate i wouldn worry, it helps me stay on track but everyone is different.


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im a nightmare for this also.
i try and not too any more.

we have to remember though our weight fluctuates every day some days our bodys retain more water than other days.

so when we weigh ourselfs everyday its giving us an incorrect reading!!

hmmm but i still do it and still get peed off !!:8855:
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My hubby has locked our scales in his car boot to stop me doing it, I used to get on about 10 times a day.......


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Scales Addiction

My name is Carole, and I am a scaleaholic! :sigh:

Guilty! :wave_cry: I've already been on the scales at least 4 times today and I've fluctuated between gaining 3 pounds to losing 2. :confused: and these scales are new!

Not worth it ... and this is only week 2. Problem is that only polarises my obsession with food. Really need to find something more productive to do.


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I definitely have this problem.
Thing is, weight fluctuates so much, even within the same day that it's really just not worth it.

I'm going at it alone, so I think I'm going to have to use some proper scales, like at the leisure centre, or in Boots, because my scales, and the Wii Fit Scales are SO inaccurate it's untrue. I got on mine, and they said I'd lost 12 lbs - which I certainly had not seeing as though all I'd been eating was Takeaways.



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When I last dieted properly I had this problem, I would be on them numerous times a day and when I wasn't on them I was worrying about it. I ended up getting rid of them 3 years ago when I went to uni, but my diet went along with it. I've not started going to classes yet and I'm dying to know my start weight but I'm refusing to cave in and buy some! I'm just hoping I'm losing now so that I soften the blow when I join and find out in the next week or so. Once I join I'll be able to get weighed weekly using accurate scales whilst saving myself a lot of worry.

I haven't weighed myself in 3 years though, so glad I'm joining at a friends group...I'll need some support I think! :eek:
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Me too i am another guilty one. Been on it twice today only because i am panicking about rectifying the damage i did last weekend. I am due to weigh properly tommorow and in the morning i will do and thats the reading i will record. However i am determined to leave it a week next time. Its very frustrating when it gives you different readings throughout te day. I have been so good this week so we will see what it says tommorow x
S: 15st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 2st7lb(16.2%)
Luckily I don't have scales at home or I would probably be the same. I don't go to classes either, so use the scales in my local Boots every week or two.
I stayed with a friend last week and out of curiosity I weighed myself a lot. Over the 4 days I was with her my weight fluctuated by 6lbs :confused: I think the most it got to was a gain of 2lb and a loss of 4lb. I would just wait for weigh-in, you could drive yourself nuts constantly weighing yourself.xx

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