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Now I've got my head back in the right place I'm finding that I'm more than a little obsessed with the whole thing :eek:

I'm thinking about food/diets/exercise from the minute I get up. I'm spending hours each day browsing the boards here (luckily I work from home, but every time my work phone goes I'm tutting because it's interrupting my reading!) and H has told me I'm becoming a diet bore :rolleyes:

The thing is with me, I'm an all or nothing kind of person. I only seem to know 2 ways of eating: either "good" or stuffing my face with crap all day :eek: and when my head is in the right place, like now, I feel like nothing can stop me. Which is good obviously, but I just wish I could be a little less obsessed about the whole thing.........

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Yeah me to I get it. I'm also all or nothing to and I'm a perfectionist as well which is just so bad I even take things to heart and wen I do I get so obsessed with dieting/exercising and bingeing to. which wen I am good I am very good but wen I am bad it's a slow spiral down to bingeing I new I had a problem because by this time I was buying things and being secretive about it and hide food in my room generally felt broken because I was putting weight on even more. Then my self confidence and self worth was just as bad. Even now that I am on Cambridge diet and lost weight on this I'm still bingeing and I'm trying so hard to not but I can't so I went to the docs and told them what'd happened and I have been told I have bulimia nervousa without the perjing I don't want to put this weight back on wen I get to my healthy weight for my height 8st 7lbs
Weight watchers,
Slimming World
Some stupid juice thing...... lasted about 6 hours and was starving
Special K - again, didn't even make it through 1 day!

What I've found works best for me is just plain healthy eating, just eating "better", plenty of fruit and veg and the odd treat when I feel like it :)

Pcos - I admire anyone who can do the VLCD option, it must be really hard.
Thanks maisiemoodle :)
you know I have been wanting to be slim for a long time and I was proper slim wen I was 20 yrs old I could fit into size 10 clothes now that I am 30 yrs old I'm wearing size 14 but more 12 clothes I should b happy but I'm not and it tears me up that I'm not happy I binged again and I know I'm gonna pay for it in exercise an hour more and tomorrow an hour. So hard :(
I understand completely where you are coming from and have spent most of my life either being 100% good or just stuffing myself silly :cry:

In 2008 I did cambridge diet and lost 7 1/2 stone in 6 months and got to target, I started off really well on the maintainence but then my old ways started creeping in and I would sneak an extra apple or a 2nd bowl of porridge and thought I could get away with it as it was healthy foods, I then fell pregnant with twins and used it as an excuse to just eat and eat and regained 5 stone :cry:
I have spent the last 2 years doing well on a diet and losing a couple of stone and then the bingeing starts and Im back to square one!

I read Allen Carr no more diets after using his book to stop smoking and it has really changed my view of food, I know its still early days as Im only 3 weeks in but I feel like I have a much stronger chance to beat my food addiction now :D
Awww, pcos don't be too hard on yourself <hug> Today is a new day as they say :)

Fulltum, it actually really worries me..... will I keep it off this time? More like HOW will I keep it off this time? I can't keep going on like this; diet, lose weight, eat like pig, gain weight, diet, lose weight..... etc etc.... it's no good :sigh:
I'm thinking ahead to how I can keep the weight off...... a woman I know has just lost a load of weight and she's now still "dieting" Monday - Friday but then at the weekend she eats what she wants for the 2 days. Wondering if I could do that :confused: It's having the willpower to still be "good" for the 5 days a week........ :eek:
Hello just wanted to say I know exactly how u feel I'm the same I've become a little obsessed but its working for me at moment so I'm running with it! I've cut out any processed food chocolate crips cakes etc been doing it 3 and half weeks so far 10 lb gone! then after about 6 months I'm going to eat what I want at weekends like someone has said and is going to b careful what I eat in week, I have gone down 4 dress sizes with lighter life few years ago ended up putting weight back on plus stone, I've finally excepted I have issues with food and have to deal with it and not bury my head in sand!
May 2008 - 14 Stone
December 2008 - 8 Stone
May 2009 - 13 Stone
August 2010 - 7 Stone
February 2011 - 10.5 Stone

I am in the same boat. This time is the third and my final time. This time is going to be third time lucky. I am going to get to goal and stay there.
You will get lil miss sunshine :) hopeful we all get there as long we don't listen to that voice that sabotages us from getting to our goal weight. mine is working overtime :(
I'm so pleased I stumbled across this thread as a newbie here as it has made me feel I'm not alone in how I've been feeling. My weight has gone up and down and up again all my life; I have issues with food and self image due to a past relationship and I am nearly always thinking or stressing about my weight.

Now I am trying to be chilled about it and to make it part of my everyday life, not something that is a big deal or a big thing. That's why I've ditched slimming world; I am fed up of counting and adding up syns, not being able to have a glass of milk because I had milk on my cereal etc. I am just having 3 healthy meals a day, healthy snacks, limited treats if I fancy them and increasing exercise to 4-5 times a week.

Here's to hoping it works.

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