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October is not good for me :)

It's the same every year, I have so many functions in the month


Full Name: __Jim______________________

Branch: ____H/O IT______________________

Hotel Thursday 8th October required? Yes: ___ No: _√__

Evening Menu - Please tick or highlight (if emailing) you choice
Starter: Soup of the Day ο‚€
Chicken Satay Skewers with peanut sauce, coriander and dressed seasonal leaves ο‚€
Farmhouse Pate served with sticky onion relish and mixed bread ο‚€βˆš
Tomato Bruschetta served on toasted ciabatta, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil with fresh basil ο‚€

Main: 8oz Rump Steak served with skinny chips, slow roasted plum tomatoes and lamb lettuce leaf ο‚€βˆš
Lemon & Garlic Chicken served with skinny chips, slow roasted plum tomatoes and lamb lettuce leaf ο‚€
Grilled mackerel Fillets served with new potatoes and salad ο‚€
Feta Cheese Stuffed Peppers served on a bed of tagliatelle. ο‚€

Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream ο‚€
Warm Chocolate Brownies and Ice Cream ο‚€
Crème Brulee 
Then I have 2 days of boozing/eating for the annual Falklands War re-union see evidence below

Then the formal dinner

and on the 12th it's my birthday and I'm being taken out for a chinese.

I'm on strict induction at the moment to prepare for it all. :D
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oh Jim! we share a birthdate!...lol, my social calender starts around my birthday thr to end of dec, there's always something happening... mostly birthdays!!! I overdid it last year but am going to be extra careful this year, atleast with atkins you can still eat and have a vodka or gin with slimline tonic..lol, just the one...
You look amazing Jim!
Jim can I ask when you go on strict induction what does it involve? I think ive been letting a few things sneak in.....

You look great, what you have achieved is a real inspiration
LOL, thanks guys :)

Annie, I stick to the allowed items on my stickie, and also try to steer clear of processed meats like bacon and sausage as far as I can love.

Z, we share a birthday, that's nice. You'll have to post some Birthday photo's, I will :D
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Jim I will def! Got my dress ready just need to fit into it now....lol...
good luck jim LOL.. just go on induction before you go.. I know it's early to think about Thanksgiving but that was my plan. to go on induction and I mean a strict induction before thanksgiving. I'm cooking all the american dishes turkey and all the sides including red velet cake, pumpkin pie and etc.. and my speciality deep fried double batter southern fried chicken cajun style and normal.. yummy
LOL More, that's got me salivating. LMAO

I'm down 3 lbs this morning at 179 so I have a bit of slack and I'll probably drop ant least another one before next Friday. I'll need to I know what that weekend is going to be like. LOL
Does look good Triv, I'll let you know if it was good :D
Have a great time Jim - if it's a catered function most caterers are always willing to provide alternative choices for specific diets if given enough notice so you coud request extra veg/salad instead of chips or crudites instead of bread with the pate. Bag up the sweet and bring it home for Mrs Jim!
Oh I'm not bothered Board, I'm in maint so I can splurge out now and again, that plus I've been on strict induction to have a few spare pounds to play with, I'm down 4lbs from posted weight at the moment, that gives me some leeway. :D
well jimmmmm now i see why your having a boozy weekend & i approve .. im sure you will have a fab time try to forget the dieting on this day coz you deserve it...

and enjoy that chinese :p... x
gooooddd now i better go get ready for the toning center speak later x
Jim you are doing right by losing a few. I plan on doing that for thanksgiving and Xmas.. here in italy you eat all day and I meanlike for 4/5 hours of non-stop food...

hey have a few rounds for me too.. LOL

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