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Age not waist size good diary

Today I am enjoying EE SP day
HexA skimmed milk for tea and coffee
Plum, pear and Apple

Lunch 2 egg omelette with dash of HexA milk, onion, spinach, celery, ham, red chilli, tomatoes, herbs served with salad
Homemade burger made with 5%fat mince and beef Oxo cube served in HexB 60g wholemeal bun. May put baybybel original inside burger pattie before cooking in oven with no oil(3 syns). Serve with salad. Maybe make some carrot chips?

HexB 1 x alpen light bar (understand you have two HexB on a SP day).
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S: 11st0lb C: 9st7lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 1st7lb(13.64%)
Food looks good.:)
Menu for today.

Mixed berries frozen fruit and a pear with 0% Greek yogurt

Jacket potato with tuna (may mix some quark into it otherwise will be dry) and salad

Homemade chicken nuggets made with skinless chicken thighs (have done them for years as kids love them with rice krispies coating (syns)). Carrot chips and salad

Diet tonic and mix fruit diet squash in a wine glass to drink tonight!

HexA milk
HexB 2 alpen light bars
Syns: rice krispies, mini dreamy bar
Going to a dinner party tonight so going to eat minimal all day and hope for the best!
HexA milk
HexB count as part of dinner

Fruit pear, 2 x plums banana and apple

Omelette of ham and veg with salad

Don't think I did too badly with the dinner party food. Had 2 glasses of cava then water. Had the main course which was quite healthy and had a very small bit of pudding with no cream.

Today menu is
HexA milk
HexB wholemeal roll

Pear, plums and apple

Ham roll and salad, quark with chocshot and mixed berries

Sunday lunch. Roast beef, roast potatoes (cooked in frylight) carrots and broccoli and bisto gravy, tbsp of horseradish sauce

Syns gravy (2 syns), dreamy bar (4 syns) choc shot (0.5) horseradish sauce (1.5?)
HexA 1/2 milk 1/2 cheese

overnight oats
Wafer thin ham salad with boiled egg, beetroot and grated carrot
Baked potato with beans and cheese and salad
Syns maybe mayo with lunch, a dreamy bar (4 syns)
Ooh are you allowed to split your hexA now? Hooray! Been years I’m so out of touch need to read all the new books 👌🏼
Going to have to find out how to post photos here I think x
I'm not officially sure about spliting but I've read loads about people doing it. Someone who knows may cone along to confirm! I'm very much learning as I'm going along as don't go to a group. Finding here, Instagram and YouTube very useful. I'm also learning about posting photos etc but thought useful to look back if struggling later in my journey. X
I’ll leave it then. Facing a big enough battle coming off Keto and onto SW I bet I’m going to put on ☹️
I’ll learn how to do photos too I like photos. Although for my own records I’m putting on IG anyway 😆
HexA 1/2 milk 1/2 cheese
HexB oats

Overnight oats (loving the Aldi frozen mixed fruits)

Pasta with tuna and veg (syns for mayo)

As it's Shrove Tuesday will make pancakes for rest of family but thought I would have an omelette with ham. I will make carrot chips as well.

I need to drink more water. This will be my task today.
I had overnight oats too but so hungry I had a banana with them 🙁
Not been hungry for 6 months on Keto it’s weird being hungry again 🙄

Good luck with the water xx