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Odds 'n' sods not Atkins

Good morning all, how are you?
I felt we needed a general conversation thread.

I went round my mums last night, she has been adopted and I wanted to check the cat out. LOL, she is a mature female, and she has obviously been a pet but is looking a bit neglected, Mum says she has been hanging around the garden for most of the summer, She started feeding her about 2 weeks ago and a couple of nights ago she moved in. :D She is very friendly and was stropping around my ankles when I let myself in. My Mother is thrilled to bits, she said she wouldn't have any more cats when the last ones died but what can you do if you're adopted. :D

We're thinking of calling her Bagpuss.
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Bagpuss LOL interesting name but cute.. I agree with a general conversation thread :)
Another lovely day :) Bit sad in Cov though, as a girl died in a nearby school of the cervical jab :-(
I read that TT, that is sad love.

Sun is shining here, but there is a cold breeze.
Does she look like bagpuss Jim....I would do the same as your mum and keep her....

Very sad about the girl in Coventry, as yet they are still testing to check that it was actually the vaccine that killed her....However I have a 14 year old daughter and am thinking about the jab for her, afterall this has been the first case like this and cervical cancer kills over 10,000 women a year in the UK alone...

I started a little Christmas job today and I am shattered now...Jx
Yes very sad about that girl... it's looking like there was some underlying medical condition. My daughter was among the first to receive this course of injections last year so went into a bit of a panic when we heard.
I won't be around for a while... am setting off to my caravan in The Lakes until Sunday with just my dog :D Bliss!
Have a good time Caz. :D It's quite a trip, even for you up north isn't it love. :)
Lucky sod Cazza!

Grey skies here again today, but its warm though. I have a lovely third floor view from my classroom out across fields, and an ancient moat, its hauntingly beautiful as autumn sets in.
My little Christmas job is working in M & S...don't laugh...lol...not me at all, as I am a suits and office girl normally, but since being made redundant I haven't really found anything that suits me, I am waiting for the results of an interview that will take 4 - 6 weeks, and then training sometimes not for a couple of months after that...So thought a Xmas job would go down well, searched on the internet and applied for M & S as a spur of the moment thing, and was interviewed the following day and offered the job there and then, 2 days in and I am really enjoying it.

loving the cheap food I am getting too, had a dinner of salmon and asparagus, with a huge salad, total carbs 3.5...and all for under a pound....got some lovely large marinated prawns too, perhaps for tomorrow...yummy...
Good for you J-D - its not easy getting back into work after redundancy, but some say that often it leads to a complete career change which turns out to be the best thing that's happened - so I hope that's the same for you.

Just got back in after my evening class - having a go at silversmithing and spent the evening bashing silver sheeting with a hammer :pcwhack: a bit like that - hee hee. Really good for getting rid of any stress.
LOL sounds nice Dom, I'm always in we of people who are artistic or good craftsmen I can't do anything like that.

Jane, good for you, it must be hard to be made redundant, and what an awful term as well.
Hey does anyone has the link to the story about the young girl who died? What a sad story..
Poor kid, but yes it seems she died of underlying causes.
Thanks Domino and Jim, its just good to get out of the house and be earning (not much, but its better than nothing). I really don't understand how people can live off the state, and do nothing. It is so boring, I am so much happier being out and about (even though it is early-start 7am) and mixing with others. Its a refreshing change not to have a job with a great deal of responsibility with urgent deadlines to meet!!

Very sad about the teenager, it seems she had a tumour. Very glad it wasn't the vaccine!!

Well I think I need a snooze, I've been up since 5:30 am, and I really am not used to it...Jx
Just had the most gorgeous salad-crispy bacon and stilton with salad leaves and cucumber with mayo.....yummy....

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