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Ode to you

Hi I posted this a month ago now I think, and I thought I would post it again to see if it would inspire people who are maybe struggling or just need some food for thought.
Its a poem I wrote while travelling back from Sevilla and it basically tells you the highs and lows of losing weight.
Sorry for those who have already read it -

Look at me now
Look at me now, unhealthy and down
always sad, expression a frown,
face and body all bloated and round,
gaining and gaining that extra pound.
Off to the shop to buy some new kit,
elasticated waist, that’s all that will fit,
super size and triple XL,
it covers me up no one can tell.
A beer with a mate, as he’s just got wed
I pose for that photo with fear and dread,
praying the lens gets only shoulders and head,
chest out, breath in, my face turning red.
Off to work I board the plane,
I sit in my seat it’s such a pain,
struggling with the seat belt, across my lap,
I finally succeed then my mate starts to clap.
I’m as big as a cow and I have to do something
I can’t keep doing all this munching.
Inactive, bad eating and all this boozing,
me and my life are definitely losing.
Boxing Day morning I feel a tad rough,
I stand on the scales, all in the buff,
with a crunch and bang a creek and a groan,
the needle fly’s round and hits 20 stone.
So it’s onto the net for that perfect diet,
too many to choose from it’s such a riot.
I keep on searching, it’s looking grim,
but one sticks out, and it’s Lipotrim
So it’s down to the chemist for my weekly supply,
feeling excited I’ m going to give it a try,
just one week on and I stood on the scales,
I couldn’t believe it Gazza’s back on the rails.
Now four months in and 6 stone less,
I look quite good and not such a mess,
transitioned to ketosis and all that water,
it’s really worth the toil and the slaughter.
Without minimins here on the net,
I would have given up and that’s a safe bet,
now read through the threads and just take heed,
I promise you one thing, you will succeed.
Which ever diet, you decide to take on,
it’s a small part of your life and it won’t be for long,
let’s not forget where in this together,
and before you know it you will be light as a feather.
Now as for me, soon my journey will end,
and to be fair it’s sent me around the bend,
but at the end I shall take a bow,
all happy and smiling, look at me now!

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Gold Member
Gets better the more you read it hun, cant get any more inspirational! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Gold Member
Aww yummy..loving the care bear! xx
thanks tracy :) its the nickname my mates gave me....hopefully because of 'claire'bear and not the round tummy they all have haha
or you pooing in the woods xx
Loved it before, love it even more now, it reduces me to tears every time, but in a good way xxx
lol, affraid so! xx


Reached Target. woohoo
What an excellent poem Gazza, good on ya.
And to Porgeous, wow what a difference, you have done such a super job. you must be so pleased.
xxx Loobylou


Reached Target. woohoo
Thanks Porgeous, thats great. xxx Loobylou
Fantastic Gary - first time I've read it. Well done x


Says it as it is!!!
Lol gaz (pooing in the woods) such a lovely poem ... well done hunni


Back on the wagon!
Great poem.....think we all can relate you that journey.....you must be nearly at goal now....see you have hit the 14stone mark???


too hot to handle!!
gaz i have just printed off that poem and put it on my fridge,,hope yopu dont mind

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