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Off CD and onto SW ... via atkins

Hi Guys,

I've been having something of a mare over the last couple of weeks. Started on CD 790 about a month ago and lost a lovely 10lbs in the first week :D. Problem is, I couldn't stick to it - loved the rapid weight loss, but OMG I found I couldn't have a social life unless it involved drinking fizzy water out :(. Tried a couple of times to restart and failed again miserably. :break_diet:

In a bid to regain ketosis I gave atkins a whirl .... well, all that fat played havoc with my digestive system and do you know how hard it is to count carbs WTF! How any sane person with a full time job manages to worry about each and every 0.1g of net carbs consumed per day is beyond me. Tried and tried and guess what .... couldn't do it!!! :break_diet:

So it's back on SW for me, thinking that my 5 syns per day will allow me some room for a bit of vodka :D or chocolate or whatever else and should keep me on the straight and narrow :rolleyes: (fingers crossed).

So I joined a meeting last night - made a pledge to Spooky on the CD forum that I would lose 4 lbs on SW over the next 2 weeks or it's back to CD for me :(. Here's hoping I manage it as I love the freedom of SW and if not it's back to CD 790 to shift these bloomin 18 lbs!!! :eek:

Right I'm off to sort out my signature - it's sooo wrong now that I have gained some :)mad:). Chat later.

BTW - anyone got this weeks password? I totally forgot to ask my leader last night :sign0007: and didn't bring her number to work with me!

Also - sorry for the essay! Just wanted to off-load and set the mind onto a postive vibe for today!!! I CAN DO IT!!! LOL!
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Hi Welcome to the SW thread!!

I have also lost a lot of weight with CD/LL just got that last few pounds to go.

Good luck with the weight loss, im sure you will do just fine, i really enjoy it as it doesn't seem like a real 'diet', just a way of life.
I have started a sticky thread for recipes so if you have any please add to it as there is only one on there at the moment!

Thanks for the password - must remember to get it at WI on tuesday!

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