Off the diet for a few days...


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Well, I've had to come off the diet. I woke up this morning unable to move. My OH tried to move my arm and it ended me screaming in excruciating pain. Resulted in him having to take the day off and calling out the doctor. I've got to take some anti-inflammatories. I could still continue my diet, but he'd prefer I took them with some food with substance to avoid stomach problems cause of my history of prolonged use of steroids.

So I'm going to have to come off the diet, not that I'm in the mood to eat with the pain.

I'm working tonight, I can't afford to give up the shifts. He's taking the kids to his mums today as planned, so I can spend all day in bed and hopefully after a couple days of these pills I should ease.

I wont be on alot, I'm going to rest and take it easy and I don't want to bother you with my moaning.

Take it easy and good luck with the diet.
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hoping for a good loss
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Oh Becca, thats so awful. Pain is so tiring and debilitating. Is there no way you can take the time off tonight? Would be so much more sensible to rest up until the anti-inflammatories kick in properly.

Rest up hun and hope you get better soon

Love and hugs, Charlie xx


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Becca Im so sorry you're feeling like this, sounds really horrible -- hope you're soon feeling better and that the tablets do their thing xx


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Wish you better!!


Still fighting
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Hope tablets kick in soon for you and that work slips by very quickly tonight x


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aww poor you hope your feeling better soon take care of yourself xx


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awww no, ihope your feeling better soon xx


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Aw, Becca - here's a *very gentle* :hug99:

I so hope those anti-inflammatories kick in soon. And don't be afraid to come in here and moan if you need to! It doesn't matter that you're not currently on the plan, we still love you. :)

Now you stay nice and warm, okay? Have you got a heat pad or something that you could use to help with the pain?

Get better soon, hun xxx


please try again
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hope the meds kick in soon and you start feeling better hun


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hope you feel better real soon.sending hugs.