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Off the Rails...

Walter Bishop

Full Member
Hi guys

I went a bit off the rails yesterday, had chippy lunch (not too bad, have done it before) but then I had a packet of minstrels and a galaxy caramel from the vending machine at work. The worst part was I had a stinking bad head afterwards. Then I wasnt hungry until about 11pm and ended up eating supernoodles with 2 slices of white bread (could have been worse I suppose).

I am worried I am in danger of slipping back into my old ways as after the lunch I thought, 'oh sod it I might as well'. When I have had a high syn meal previously I had left it there but didnt yesterday which has scared me a bit in the run up to Christmas when I have a tendency to go off the rails anyway!

I am wallowing in self pity a bit to please bear with me, but do you guys have any tips to stop this happening again? I dont mean the odd high syn meal as that happens and I know flexi syns are part of the plan but overcoming the mental block that happened afterwards?

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You need to get into damage limitation mode which I know is hard! You think that you've messed up the day already so why bother following plan for the rest of the day?

Try thinking about it like this - there are 21 meals in a week so you have 21 chances to stick to plan. I know going off plan isn't ideal but 1 meal out of all the meals for the week won't hurt every so often.

If it happens again them try and draw a line under it as soon as it's done and think in terms of meals not days. Good luck and don't beat yourself up too much - what's done is done.

Happy Holidays

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When I read the title of the thread & who had started it I was a little taken aback, I didn't think you 'went off the rails'.

I don't think you need to worry too much about it happening again, by the sounds of it your body has already told you it doesn't agree with what you have done.

Do be so hard on yourself, look at how well you've done so far.

Christmas time is going to be difficult for all of us, all you can do is your best & if you have the odd 'off rail' moment it's not the end of the world.

Have a nice day:D

Walter Bishop

Full Member
Thanks for the replies guys, I was just concerned how easily I could slip back into my old habits, I think it scared me a bit! I havent gained this week so I am pleased! :553:


I think the other guys have given great tips - I love the idea of 21 chances to get it right Jaq.

Don't forget you could also use flexible syns. In my first week I had a day out with my family and was very naughty but I still recorded the syns I had used, even though they were through the roof. Although I didn't beat myself up, it also meant I was accountable.


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I'm very much the same... i'll fall off a bit so dive in head first. I like the 21 meals thing too so will try keep that in mind! I had sausage chips n beans yesterday so decided to have a bar of chocolate then slightly over did the hex cheese (by slightly i mean tripled..)