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Off the wagon


Alway see the love x
Nawty girl!!! BUT good girl for telling......

Back 2m, new start!!!

Drink some water 2n, pet and get to bed so not to eat anything else lol......

Sweet dreams....ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz

Woofy X
Shock horror I actually feel good this morning lol can't believe I do but....

I'm SOOOO back on track now I really don't think i've lost any weight this week :( I usually have good results with low carbing but I'm positive I've not lost. Dunno whether to just not weigh in today adn weigh next sunday after the 2 weeks


Happy to be slim at last
I agree that we are all human!! Put it behind you and move on. I would maybe weigh in and see where you are at, but record your loss next Sunday?


Happy to be slim at last
I did and it says I've put 1lb on :(
That will just be all the extra food in your system. This should go in a few days. It takes 3500 cal to gain a pound and I am sure you didn't eat that much! You will be fine and just look forward to seeing a loss on the scales next Sunday.
very true in fact i hardly ate any of the pizza where as before i'd have gobbled it all.

tbh trying not to get disheartened that i've lost NO weight at all this week even though i've stuck to the plan perfectly {well apart from last nights blip} just hope it was down to totm and i see a loss next week
1. Ireland, Grand slam, first since 1948.
2. England! Regained Calcutta Cup.
3, Wails from Wales.
4. France
5. Scotland.
6. Azzuri

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
whats that jim ???
Of course! The only true men's sport in the world.
it depends on which way you sort it CS, Officially according to the RBS 6 nations site Wales are 3rd love.
You can't win all the time love, I remember the '80's when Wales were the main team and won everything in sight love. Roll on Next year and then we have the prep for the World Cup in 2011!


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