Off to see CDC In 15 minutes.......


Anything in particular that I should be asking or trying to find out about?

I am not planning to start until Wednesday as I will be at work tomorrow and thought it may be easier to start when I have three days off.

Does everyone suffer the horrible symptoms I have read about during the first few days? Or does it depend slightly on how much tea, coffee etc that you used to drink before?

Also I have designed one of those ticker things, how do I apply it please.

Thanks for your help - be nice to me as I am nervous :eek:
Good luck with starting your weight loss journey!

Hi Cupcake,

Welcome to MiniMins:D

The withdrawal symptoms are from carbs/sugar and of course if you cut out tea and coffee you will get withdrawal from caffeine as well.

If you have not cut back on carbs before starting then you will get it a little rough for the first couple of days and a headache.

So if you cut down now on carbs and started drinking your water to increase your intake it would make a difference and help reduce the symptoms.

Once your in ketosis then it gets much easier as hunger is reduced and you have a feeling of well being.

To get your ticker to work you have to copy the bb code and then come back to here and go to your 'User CP' and click on it and you can edit your signature and you pate the bb code into the post preview and you should see it there.

If there is any excess writing you don't want you can erase it. then click submit. I will get you a thread with more detail on it.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Cupcake
Good idea to have 3 days off work I had my 1st 3 days off as I know it would be easier.
Looking forward to hearing your success''
Thanks Mini and I'll do it, the meeting went well and she basically said exactly as you have, drop carbs now and increase water which i will be doing today and then preparing myself for feeling like the witch from hell for the rest of the week :D

Will look at the ticker thing again later at work and get that going and other than that I'm ready.

Really hoping for some good results as I kinda feel like this is the last thing to try without being overweight forever :mad:

Really want to loose 2 1/2 stone and would be great to do this by christmas but don't want to set unrealistic goals!

Thanks guys, this site is brill!