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off topic abit...

Hey guys,
Not really having a good day today. My OH and I are probably on the way to splitting up after nearly 5yrs together.
To cut it short, he is a compulsive gambler and I have basically had enough of the lies and deceit.
We have a 3yr old daughter who is i the middle of this as well.
My unhappiness has mainly been the reason for my rapid increase in weight.
On a positive note though, I am on day 4 of SS and usually when I feel like this I am heading straight for the comfort food to make me feel better but I really don't want to this time!!
Sorry for moaning everyone but this is better than eating chocolate, biscuits ice cream etc.
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I'm so sorry to hear about you and your OH. I know it must be hard for you but keep going and you will see a fabulous loss this week xx


Want to be a yummy mummy!
You poor thing - but well done for being so so so strong!

You know we're all here for you to chat/support etc.

Let us know how you're doing xxxxxx
Hi Jambro,

These things are really hard aren't they. Really sorry to hear about this situation.

Not really going to give you any advice but I want to urge you to do what is best for you but more importantly your daughter.

You will know what to do. Keep going on the diet because it will make you stronger and more confident. It's surprising how differently we view our situation when we are feeling good about ourselves!

In my situation losing weight has made me more aware of my own value as a person and I am clear about what I am about. This has helped me to be clearer about my realationships with other too. I hope it will do the same for you.

All the best and big hugs. :gen126:
Hey Jackie, I lived with a gambler for a while and it eventually split us up after he gambled rent and started pawning thing (like the telly!) to get money.
It's pretty hard to have a relationship with no trust. So my heart goes out to you, but well done for not turning to food to help you out.
If you ever need to talk, please feel free to PM me. x
Thanks everyone for your kind words
I really appreciate it.
Managed to stay on plan all day and really feel alot better now.
Especially as I have not let things get to me.


WILL be Slim!
well done for being so focused on losing weight hun despite all this going on at the moment.
If someone can priorotise gambling above you and your little one then he isnt worth your time anyway hun!

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