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off topic - advice please !!

on thursday last week i decided i wanted to upgrade my mobile so i saw a good deal on the web with phones 4u who i am with now ,anyway all that without a hitch until they sent out my phone ,i got a phone call off a lovley ladie in bath to let me know that she had my delivery and have i got hers ,well the ladies turned up today so with all this going on and to find out that they had sent all my details and my bank details in the package which the ladie informed and she was concerned that i would have her details ,but luckly for her ther where no details in the parcel , anyway we have both asked for compensation and i was just wondering wot form /sort of compensation i should ask for !!

thanks !!!
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Gosh sorry I have no idea, but hope you get something sorted out thats terrible xx


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perhaps your local Citizens Advice Bureau can help. I found them very ressourceful and knowledgeable - best go in person though cos they rarely have time to answer the phone.
im thinking of asking them to pay off my old phone (not much left on it )and also to give me a rebate on a few month's line rental !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would. ring them up and ask to speak to the manager. do it now. its not acceptable. tell them you are going to contact the daily mail or whoever. you need to!
ive already spoken to the manage and they have said when i have the correct order i have to ring bak and then discuss my compensation !!!


** Chief WITCH **
I wouldn't do anything by telephone. Put everything in writing. Then they're obliged to respond in writing. And you have proof of everything.


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Sorry hun ive just seen this and had to have my say. Firstly i totally agree with the vickster and the free phone and compo sarah suggested. Secondly, they have had a manager tell you to call back to discuss compo? How discusting is that ladies. This company have seriously messed up but are making the customer do all the chasing! I would be telling them to call me and if they hadnt id be calling them saying it was going to cost them even more. Thats just terrible customer services. Oh i also agree with Jo make sure you log every call and who you have spoken to/whats been said and send it to them too. All calls are recorded. If you cant do it hun send me all the details i'll call them!
im currently waiting for a phone call from phones 4 u ,they said they would ring around 9ish so will wait until 10 then im ringing them !!!

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