Off We Go Again! Day ish!

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  1. misschaos

    misschaos Full Member


    I'm totally new to Exante - my mum is doing it and doing so well, and I (an avid Slimming Worlder) have hit a wall, so she has bought me some packs.

    I started last week but, without going in to details as this is 100% Total etc, I faffed about having 3 packs and picking or having two packs and a not-so-healthy meal... either way, I lost 2.5lb which is disappointing and totally my fault.

    Well today was weigh day and I've screwed up again - I've had 2 packs and picked at things. I have been sent home from work sick so that's my excuse but it's rubbish.

    Any advice for more willpower to stick to plan? I only need to lose 4lb to hit 2stone loss and feel like I'm sabotaging myself, I'm not even hungry!!

    How do you all do so well?
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  3. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member


    You've got to get into ketosis! That has to be your aim for first 4 days or so. Once you've done that, aim to get to the end of the week being 100%.

    The big losses are what then keep me going. I think I stick to it because 1 naughty nibble can kick me out of ketosis and I don't want to have to get myself back there.

    It definitely gets easier when you stop "cheating"; but you need to make up your mind that "I AM DOING THIS." This diet is too difficult if you go at it with only half a heart.

    it will get definitely get easier- but remember that it's a combination of reduction in calories AND ketosis that gets the big results that you want

    you can do it if you really want it, I promise! (if I can do it with my poor record of willpower, then anyone can)

  4. TAUPE

    TAUPE Full Member

    Totally agree with Allie. You have to get your head right first. Just get focussed on sticking to it for 4 days and get into ketosis, then it is like a comfort blanket which stops you feeling hungry or wanting to cheat - being kicked out of ketosis is not worth the nibbles. You can do this, you just have to be strong to get into ketosis in the first few days. Also think about why you are sabotaging? What is making you reach for the food? It is not making you happy so change it. don't forget also you have done so well well on your journey so far, you can do this!
  5. misschaos

    misschaos Full Member

    Thanks for the replies. Im going to forget how many weeks I want to do and just concentrate on those 4 days like you say!

    I think the closer I get to target the more I sabotage as when I hit goal...what do I do then? My life has been one long a security blanket I maybe need to get ready to give up.

    Here's to day one.
  6. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Good luck sticking to Exante. I'm only starting today so can't really give you any advice from experience, but there are so many people on here who say getting into ketosis makes it easier, so just hang in there for a few days. Naughty food will always be there, and you don't want a few minutes of pleasure to ruin your hard work. :)
  7. TAUPE

    TAUPE Full Member

    miss chaos you make a good point about the closer you get the harder it gets - as what next? So absolutely, just concentrate on these first 4 days and then take it day by day. Use this forum if it gets tough, that's when you need the support.
  8. misschaos

    misschaos Full Member

    Thanks for the encouragement! Just to let you know, day 1 of 100% is complete! 3 more to go - i can do this!!

    Would love to lose 5.5lb to hit next stone bracket so here goes. Seeing friends I've not seen in years top so motivated now!
  9. LibraLite

    LibraLite Full Member

    Good luck Misschaos :)

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  10. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    YEY! Well done, keep going you're doing amazing x

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